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Posts about eBooks written by Ashley Kalym. Shown below is an excerpt from Complete Calisthenics, showing the muscle-up as it should be performed. Read "Complete Calisthenics, Second Edition The Ultimate Guide to Bodyweight Exercise" by Ashley Kalym available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and. The School of Calisthenics offers our FREE beginners calisthenics workout PDF with easy to follow video guides for you. Watch the videos and take onboard the.

This type of training is a prerequisite for fighters, martial artists or self defense experts. The progressions are easy to understand and are set with logical steps leading the reader to the highest levels.

Even if you have no desire to perform back flips, the training leading you toward them will result in increasing your strength and flexibility.

If people adhere to the training regiments advocated in these books, the days of the machine laden, strength and fitness limiting gyms are numbered! I have so many people looking at me while I do my body-weight exercises saying, "Dude, that's not going to help you build muscle.

You need more intensity! You need weights! You need to make it more challenging, more explosive, more powerful, etc. The power you build, the feeling you get when you achieve your first muscle up, the body-weight plyometrics, the way you will look! Trust me on this after following Coach Wade's methods here it will make everything worth while and it will pay off!

This is the book of the year and Al and Danny Kavadlo were the best choice of models for this.


Thanks to all these guys for confirming why I truly believe in calisthenics and why I have no need to work out on a machine and why I don't need dumbbells anymore! Coach Paul Wade made this book very easy to absorb mentally providing wonderful detail, not only in his writing but with images as well to help with the process of becoming an explosive athlete.

If you have CC1 and 2 then its a must to add this to your library.

Being coaches in the world of fitness I will say that this book got me excited to elevate my training to another level but for you as the future reader of this book, when you download this and say to yourself that its missing something then add it to your training. We will always continue to be students in the fitness world and this CC3 edition just proved that the human body is capable of doing so much more than we thought to believe.


Have fun with it and watch yourself fly! Going slow and gaining serious strength using Get Strong and Convict Conditioning has been great for me and my physique at now 52 years old. It has helped me gain flexibility and strength and helped me work through injuries from 35 years ago that had progressively lost strength and range of motion from years of running and biking. But I was missing the fun factor and also my power is pitiful! I used to be able to do clapping pushups when I was younger, but now I'm starting over.

I love adding explosive pushups and jumps, rolls and kips. It is a blast. Takes very little time but adds an important element. I am expecting it will help my sports as well - dynamic movements in climbing, etc.

If you want to add some serious fun and serious challenge to your workouts, this is it. While I started convict conditioning well along in each series, I am at the very beginning in these series for sure. Talk about a challenge! When the article appeared in the PCC blog back in December the exhilaration I experienced was quite palpable, and ever since then I have been scrutinizing every Dragon Door product update email that finds its way to my inbox.

So, when I came to understand earlier today that the thing had finally dropped, I was very, very anxious to leave work and get home.

After firing up my Mac, I went straight to the product page here on Dragon Door and ordered a physical and a digital copy.

Are you an experienced CC person? If so, you will be thoroughly familiar with the layout, starting with the advance praises given by many different people, through to the table of contents, the dedication, the forward, the disclaimer talking about the primary importance of health over strength, and the contents of the book, with the first section covering history and theory, and then on through the big six power moves and the programming, etc As always, the pictures and layout are stunning, the editing is great, and the sum total of it just makes you want to get up off your backside and train.

If you are at all experienced with this system of bodyweight training, you need this book. Like me, you might not be quite ready to start tackling the progressions, but the shot of inspiration and increased determination you will receive from absorbing this information will be well worth the price. Look at Danny Kavadlo busting a full on superman, or in mid flight over the broomstick at the apex of the suicide jump with that really intense look in his face.

Danny, Al, Grace, and Adrienne are all there, along with a guy I don't know with a very developed physique busting out backflips.

Anyway, the long and short of it is that this book is a must have if you are part of the CC tribe. With this volume, the training system that Coach started laying down in Volume 1 becomes a little more complete.

Explosive training work is the logical next step for everyone as they move progressively forward in their march through the big six, and again, the sheer amount of impetus one will receive from looking at what is possible down the road should make anyone want to pick up a copy of this book. According to what Coach wrote in CC II, the whole system is complete in four parts, so now that CC III has dropped, I want to step up and say that we all definitely want to see the thing in its entirety.

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While you're busy putting it together, we will be busy pushing ourselves to master the big six, along with the neck, grip, calf and flag techniques, and then adding in the explosive stuff from the new volume. We are hungry for all that you have to offer us. Thanks for bestowing all of your hard-earned experience on us. We will repay you in sweat and hard work.

There is no doubt that it is a very useful movement, and can help to build extreme upper body strength. There are in effect two different ways to perform the muscle-up, and as I explain in my upcoming book, these are the fast muscle-up, and the slow, or false grip muscle-up.

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The movement itself consists of three phases, which are the pull, the transition, and the dip. The pull and the dip are well known to many people that train using bodyweight exercises but the transition is probably not. This is without a doubt the hardest part of the exercise, and in my mind is the real reason for performing the movement. CrossFit teach kipping for many of their movements, which is OK if you are trying to simply perform as many repetitions of an exercise as possible, but completely pointless if you are trying to build real strength.

Now there will be lots of people who disagree with me, but they would be missing the point. The entire reason for doing the muscle-up is to work on the transition, which is the stage from where the shoulders are below the bar to the point where they are above it.

If you skip this part, you may as well just do pull-ups and dips separately. The transition is also the part of the movement that the majority of people find very difficult.After firing up my Mac, I went straight to the product page here on Dragon Door and ordered a physical and a digital copy. A great place to get started mastering bruce lee calisthenics and his other training methods is found in the book the art of expressing the human body.

Complete calisthenics: the ultimate guide to bodyweight training. Allow up to two business days for this process to be completed.

Not all exercises are geared to sets and reps, but rather the duration of the hold. This is the book of the year and Al and Danny Kavadlo were the best choice of models for this.


Like me, you might not be quite ready to start tackling the progressions, but the shot of inspiration and increased determination you will receive from absorbing this information will be well worth the price. I will definitely reference this book and re-read it numerous times as his ultimate mma conditioning. I have a few hours free today to do the final round of checks and then both the paperback and ebook versions will be published.

Realise the potential of calisthenics.