supercharger pdf - Free download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. submitting the Technical seminar report on. Rashmi Ranjan Senapati of Mechanical Engineering for his unflagging support and continuous encouragement throughout the seminar work. A supercharger is basically an air compressor used for forced induction of an internal combustion engine. Classification of superchargers 4 supercharger ppt. Uploaded by Download as PPT, PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for . akarshm Airbag in Automobile Seminar Report pdf.

Supercharger Seminar Report Pdf

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Supercharging In Automobile, Ask Latest information, Abstract, Report, Presentation (pdf,doc,ppt),Supercharging In Automobile technology discussion. Free download complete engineering seminar Supercharger Seminar Report pdf . The Automotive Turbocharger and Supercharger Report – Edition. CONTENTS. Introduction. The choice: turbocharger or supercharger?.

Supercharging puts an added strain on the engine. I think the trade-off is worth it.

Though this seems too much. Engine and the other connected mechanisms have to be made robust enough to bear the extra pressure. But because a supercharger can generate as much as 46 percent additional horsepower. And these expenses have to be made for better performance without any compromise. Crankshaft drives superchargers so they steal some of the engine's horsepower.

I think it is a miracle invention for speed junkies. Supercharger Report Uploaded by Rohit Raj. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Rashmi Ranjan Senapati Seminar guide Asst. Sonali Rath Seminar-In-Charge Without his guidance and persistent help this report would not have been possible. Documents Similar To Supercharger Report.

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Working of Centrifugal Supercharger: As the air is drawn in the hub of the impel ler, centrifugal force causes it to radiate outward. The air leaves the impeller at high speed, but low pressure. A diffuser converts the high-speed, low-pressu re air to low-speed, high-pressure air. Thus pressurized air is achieved.

supercharger ppt

Impeller speeds can reach 50, to 60, RPM. Centrifugal superchargers are the most efficient and the most common induction s ystems. They are small, lightweight and attachable to the front of the engine. Thus the centrifugal superchargers are the best among the above list. In a supercharger, drives are used to transfer part of engi ne power to the supercharger There are several types of drives used to empower a supercharger.

These drives a re used according to there requirements. Gear drive. Chain drive.

Exhaust gas turbines: Axial turbine. Radial turbine. Other: Electric motor. Since the superchargers are directly empowere d from the engine, so as the engine starts, the superchargers can be activated. But in the case of turbochargers they take some time for the accumulation of exh aust gases. Modification of the exhaust system: - Installing a turbocharger requ ires extensive modification of the exhaust system, but superchargers can be bolt ed to the top or side of the engine, that makes them cheaper to install and easi er to service and maintain.

So this becomes a problem in the case of turbocharge rs. It becomes a tough task to modify the exhaust system as well as it adds an e xtra cost in the vehicle.

Shutdown procedure: - No special shutdown procedure is turbochargers must required with superchargers as they are not lubricated by engine oil. They can b e shut down normally.

Whereas idle for about 30 seconds or so prior to shutdown so the lubricating oil has a c hance to cool down.

Thus it creates a problem during shutdown procedure as turbo chargers cant be shutdown normally. A supercharger can consume as much as 20 percent of an engine's total power output.

So it can be considered as a loss of engine power. But because a supercharger can generate as much as 46 percent ad ditional horsepower, I think the trade-off is worth it. Whereas this is not the case in turbochargers, it empowers itself from the exhaust gas of the engine, w hich is mainly a waste of the engine.

An added strain on the engine: Supercharging puts an added strain on the engine, which needs to be strong to handle the extra boost a nd bigger explosions. Engine and the other connected mechanisms have to be made robust enough to bear the extra pressure. So this makes the design engineer task tougher. And these expenses have to be made for better perf ormance without any compromise. Though this seems too much, but when compared to its output, this seems a good deal.

Superchargers can result in power increase of 50 to percent, making them gre at for racing, towing heavy loads or just adding excitement to the typical drivi ng experience. It is a must use component in an airplanes. As superchargers ensure complete combustion, it greatly reduces the pollution pr oblem.

With the use of high octane premium-grade gas, I think it is a miracle invention for speed junkies.A supercharger spinning at 50, RPM translates to a boost of about six to nine pounds per square inch psi.

I think the trade-off is worth it. The spark plug initiates this chemical reaction by igniting the charge. The EU introduced the Sudhakar , head of mechanical engineering department, for permitting me to conduct the seminar.