This is not just another diet and fitness book. The 4-Hour Body is the result of an obsessive quest, spanning more than a decade, to hack the human body. The 4-Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex, and Becoming Author interviews, book reviews, editors' picks, and more. Read it. Editorial Reviews. Review. "Mr. Ferriss makes difficult things seem very easy." NY Times Best known for his rapid-learning techniques, Tim's books -- The 4-Hour Workweek, The 4-Hour Body, and The 4-Hour Chef -- have been published in.

The 4 Hour Body Book

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The book advocates the 'Slow-carb Diet', which is characterised around three main points: eat a very simple set of meals repeatedly, focus. The 4-Hour Body book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Thinner, bigger, faster, stronger which pages will you re. How many "how-to" books actually get read? When The 4-Hour Body (4HB) was published, it was met with sharp criticism, including.

This is rare in life, perhaps unique. Simply focusing on some measurable element of your physical nature can prevent you from becoming a 'Dow Joneser,' someone whose self-worth is dependent on things largely outside of their control. Job not going well? Company having issues?

Some idiot making life difficult? If you had ten laps to your swimming, or if you cut five seconds off your best mile time, it can still be a great week.

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Controlling your body puts you in life's driver's seat. May 26, Riki rated it did not like it Shelves: Timothy Ferris clearly thinks quite highly of himself and doesn't hesitate to let you know how superior he is to you in every way in this incredibly long pages doorstop of a book.

In it he professes to have the solution to many of your health woes and promises to help you accomplish such things as "Sleep 2 hours per day and perform better than on 8 hours. If you're blessed by the type of lifestyle where you don't have to work or interact with other human beings in any way, this might work for you.

Ferris' idea of a healthy life is chock full of supplements and expensive testing. He subjects himself to a myriad of experiments and has found success in his trials, but any adult with an actual job and family obligations could never afford the pills and gadgets he touts as lifesavers. Besides being incredibly scientific and difficult to read, Ferris is simply too cocky and stuck on himself to gain my trust.

Jan 25, Matt rated it really liked it. A lot of people miss the point of this book. It's possibly because, as one reviewer said, Tim Ferriss comes across as a smug dick. As a writer, his voice leaves a lot to be desired. I digress. Tim throws out a lot of factoids, many of which may be oversimplified or even wrong out of context.

But his methodology is right. He records everything meticulously. He changes one variable at a A lot of people miss the point of this book. He changes one variable at a time. He consults with experts. And he is not afraid to try something just to see what happens.

He forms an educated theory and then shines a light on it and if it stands up it goes in the book. Anyone who reads it should not take his word on the specifics as anything more than "This worked for me.

I hated this book, mostly because it sells as science this guy's statistically insignificant, biased and poorly designed life experiment. It's less entertaining than a car crash, but has a bit of the morbid interest about the damage it may cause to society. Not to mention the sex bit, which is pathetic in its definition, scope, and intended results. Luckily, for the better knowing women it will probably mark him as a clueless lover. I read the first half, abandoned it for a year, and then skimmed I hated this book, mostly because it sells as science this guy's statistically insignificant, biased and poorly designed life experiment.

I read the first half, abandoned it for a year, and then skimmed through the rest: No more Ferriss for me, ever. View all 19 comments. Nov 13, Nirmal rated it liked it Shelves: It's not in the same level of 'The 4 hour work week' but definitely is worth reading. Timothy is a bit crazy in this book, some of the chapters have too much technical information which looses the grip. So, i skipped the chapters which i found impractical and not applicable to my life and finished in just 2 days. Jan 11, Don rated it it was ok.

Ok, what can I say here Authored by self proclaimed internet guru, Tim Ferriss, the 4-Hour Body is a rambling mix of diet, workout, drugs, sex and body manipulation that should be called 'The Narcissist's Bible'.

He uses modern sports t Ok, what can I say here He uses modern sports training methods to drive his points - to maximize at physical training you must use short bursts rather than long drawn-out workouts. I won't dive into the details only to say that he uses many and I mean many unorthodox methods on his own body vitamins, drugs, hormones, etc to see what effect they have on his strength and metabolism. On top of that he advocates a 'slow carb' diet that focuses on protein and no white carbs similar to the Atkins diet.

Given that I downloadd this book I decided to go on the diet in early January. After three weeks on the 4 hour body diet I can say I lost 5 lbs, however, the side effects were massive!

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I literally started to lose both my emotional and mental stability. It affected both my job and my family. I felt so crummy that I decided to quit the diet by making a plate full of french toast for breakfast a total no no in his book.

I felt so good that day that I quit completely. This book is a complete mess of what I would call 'pop science' yes, there are some facts - he does use reliable sources however, the techniques used are very dangerous to the average reader out there. My advice - eat less, exercise more, up your vitamin intake and enjoy life plus, don't shell out any money for this book. Dec 07, Grant rated it really liked it.

I get the impression many people miss the point of Tim's work. Does he come off as the kid who was pretty unpopular in High School scrambling for attention? Yeah, a little. But he offers a starting point and a perspective. You are your own N. Try things, isolate variables. Do a science on yourself. I see a lot of reviews complaining that "this stuff doesn't work". It worked for Tim. Find what works for you. I'm a little biased. I beat Tim to the punch on most of this stuff, and I get the impression many people miss the point of Tim's work.

I beat Tim to the punch on most of this stuff, and found myself nodding in agreement Though I've had better luck in strength gains using different methods. Much of the same stuff that Tim has tried has worked for me in the past. He left the reader with a cliffhanger on the 50K run, but having used Brian Mackenzie's methods for years I can tell you it works for many of us.

I hope it works for Tim and the rest of you who try it too. If it doesn't and you really want to run an Ultramarathon All in all Tim is recommending learning to learn, experimenting on yourself, and knowing your goals.

Figure out what you want to do. Stop doing everything else and do that. Isolate variables. Build, test and learn, then decide what's next. This book is crazy. Timothy Ferriss is narcissistic and obsessive to an intense degree - at one point he gets a blood glucose monitor installed in his skin so he can graph his levels. His constant humblebragging is pretty hard to take. The 4 Hour Body is laid out like a recipe book based on what goals you want to achieve.

He is not kidding This book is crazy. He is not kidding around when he cautions you against reading it cover to cover: Dude has obviously done his research and has dozens of pages of citations and notes and formulas at the back of the book, so it's hard to level my usual charge of 'broscience' at this book although oftentimes the studies he cites are on really small sample sizes.

And he takes insane amounts of measurements and provides data on every facet of the experiments he does on himself so it definitely seems like they work.

But oftentimes his Protocol is equally or exceedingly crazy! Make no mistake - if you follow his Protocols you are going to seem like a crazy person. Jul 06, Daniel Ionson rated it it was ok. Ferriss' book has some good ideas in it, but it needs to be edited down It's bloated with anecdotes, hype and rhetoric that waste time. It is true that Ketosis diets work, and so I don't think this is a gimmick. The book, however, can simply be put to the side. I didn't even bother with his pathetic "superhuman sex" advice.

Jan 04, Trilok rated it liked it Shelves: Have you read Tim Ferris's blog posts? It reads like an infomercial. How to do X which usually takes years or is nearly impossible in 4hrs or for free. Over the years, X has been: In reality, he might be both. His accomplishments are very real I'm writing about him, ar Have you read Tim Ferris's blog posts? His accomplishments are very real I'm writing about him, aren't I? This book then is to be taken with a grain or two of salt, but I was extremely surprised at how much real, useful, insightful information was packed in this book.

Of course, it's liberally seasoned with name dropping and wonderful claims that you usually associate with late night TV, but a waste of time it is not. I give it only a 3 star because of the sensationalism and the marketing tactics that I find distasteful.

If you give it some time though, you'll find something whether you're interested in fitness, life hacks or are a hypochondriac. Dec 16, Casey Malone rated it liked it. So, there is pretty much no one I know who has a better grasp on nutrition and what's what than my former co-worker Sylvain Dubrofsky. And in the lead up to this book's release, he was constantly sharing excepts and interviews with the Author, so I took notice.

First off, this dude is two things - obsessed with his body and a total nerd. Not a nerd like I am, wh So, there is pretty much no one I know who has a better grasp on nutrition and what's what than my former co-worker Sylvain Dubrofsky. Not a nerd like I am, where I just know the difference between a B-Wing and a Y-Wing and which one Admiral Ackbar invented, but a programmer, computer-science style nerd who loves nothing more than intricate systems and algorythms and all that stuff.

So combining these two, he wrote this book. His writing style is easy to read, and he enhances that ease by sectioning off different parts of the book - mid-chapter - to let you know "this part is super technical if you want to skip it" or "this is just an anecdote I have if you're not interested," which is handy, because I was only mildly interested in the science and not at all interested in his anecdotes.

The book breaks down into four sections - weight loss, muscle gain, sexual health and this weird sort of potpourri category that is random knowledge he picked up while working on these other things. There's advice in the intro to only read the stuff you're interested in, so I read through the weight loss and sexual health sections. The weight loss section is full of a lot of really practical advice and simple rules for eating to facilitate weight loss. I'm going to give them a try, as they don't include anything too extreme, like Atkins.

They do, however, eschew the typical calorie counting as a way to lose weight. It focuses instead on eating mostly protein and very specific vegetables while avoiding sugar and carbohydrates for six days a week and then allocating one day a week to eat whatever you want.

It's explained very clearly in the book why he suggests specific foods and why. What lends the book's approach credibility, I feel, is a recurring statement by the author that this is not the only way to lose weight, but is what he feels the best way.

He also is a huge proponent of tracking and measuring your input in ANY way and setting reasonable goals. Again, the book's common-sense language and explanations made the diet he proposed more appealing.

Then I got to chapter 2 of the weight loss section. I say insanity because he talks about the kinds of things he does like taking cold, twenty minute showers, because your body needs to warm itself up so it uses energy.

The sexual health section is bananas. I expected it to be about nutrition and instead it was a crazy half-memoir half-instruction manual for sexual organs, half-excerpt from "The Game. So, I guess I'll try the diet and that is going to be the deciding factor about if this book is any good or not.

But I found it a really interesting, and bizarre, read. Might go back to it eventually, but for now I think I've got all I need. Dec 13, Melody Schreiber rated it it was amazing Shelves: The Good: This is probably the best nonfiction I've read in If I were to write a book on the same topic with the same information, it would probably come out reading like the DSM-IV, but Ferriss does a good job of including plenty of entertaining anecdotes and humor to help us along, not to mention simple and concise expl The Good: If I were to write a book on the same topic with the same information, it would probably come out reading like the DSM-IV, but Ferriss does a good job of including plenty of entertaining anecdotes and humor to help us along, not to mention simple and concise explanations.

As the subtitle promises, the content of the book is definitely uncommon. There are some very unusual techniques and advice that I've never seen before. However, the greatest uncommonness of the book is its "Tipping Point" approach to health. Following the trend of The 4-Hour Workweek, a major theme of The 4-Hour Body is how to see the most results from the least amount of effort.

Ferriss is not necessarily saying that conventional wisdom hard work, discipline, keeping up with research is wrong--just that there's an easier and smarter way through hacking the human body. I think this approach works great for a generation with a low attention span and an immediate results mindset. The Bad: Critics are going to run wild with this book.

Everything from advice on mixing different over-the-counter drugs and supplements, to consuming high amounts of cholesterol, to his claims of gaining more than 1 pound of muscle a day for a month are going to feed the fire for skeptics, trolls, and haters. I, for one, believe it's impossible to gain 34 pounds of muscle in 28 days as he's claimed to have done. Yes, it is possible to gain that much total weight, mostly water, especially if you're an experienced dehydrator-rehydrator as he is, but muscle is completely different.

Claims like these are going to make a lot of people call the author a snake-oil salesman, and I think to an extent he is. While it will help him sell books, unfortunately I think it will also cause people to label him as a fraud and therefore dismiss all the other information that is definitely worth reading and considering.

The Ugly: The author actually weighed his poop. This was a guest review by Edward Bartlett. The 4-Hour Body is a hulk of a book, weighing in at over pages. But Ferris comes right out in the intro and encourages readers to use it in an a la carte fashion, based on their personal needs and interests. I did not heed said advice, since I wanted to review the entire content of the book, rather than just what pertains to me obviously, I'm not planning on gaining 30 pounds of muscle weight in as many days.

I found this book unexpectedly and deeply engrossing. Every time I sat down to rea The 4-Hour Body is a hulk of a book, weighing in at over pages.

Every time I sat down to read it, I would immediately get sucked into the text--oblivious to all distractions often on a bus commute , immune to morning commute sleepiness.

And this is nonfiction I'm talking about--what I usually read to fall asleep at night! The only chapters I skimmed through were a few in the appendix plus the one about hitting home runs.

I only stuck with the slow-carb diet what I refer to as the bean diet for two weeks, however, because I believe beans are an exacerbant to my rosacea. When I'm feeling motivated again, I'll switch back over to The Fat Flush Plan , which is similar but doesn't require beans.

In summary, this is an excellent and well-researched book. If you care at all about your health and fitness you should read it though probably not straight through ;-. Jun 08, Judith rated it liked it. I read them religiously instead of dieting or exercising. The 4-H Body was really entertaining, informative, and inspiring. It's really directed more toward men's health than women's, but I enjoyed it anyhow and will probably put into practice some of his tips. I am reading it now for a second time; this time, with a highlighter and post-its.

NO, it's not a library book: I actually downloadd the book for once. This is the kind of book you want to keep because it is encyclopedic and needs to be used as a reference. The author describes so many different techniques for reaching your goal of a healthier, happier new you.

What makes this book such an interesting novelty for me is that the author is into extreme conduct. He's got a cupboard full of ideas: He also warmed the cockles of my cellulite with his tip that you should embrace your yo-yo dieting because it's going to be with you forever and it's not a bad thing.

One of the funnier chapters is called, "The minute Female Orgasm". Spoiler alert: He proceeded to relate his experience at sex class in San Francisco where he learned the technique that will guarantee a woman would have an orgasm in 15 minutes or less.

It doesn't last 15 minutes; it only takes 15 minutes to achieve. The technique is illustrated with line drawings that appear to show a man stuffing a turkey. In any event, it was a refreshing break from calories and wall squats and strangely enough, it doesn't seem out of context. And, in the end, the author is so enthusiastic about life that it is contagious and inspiring.

View all 6 comments. Jun 28, Barrie rated it it was ok. Okay, Timothy is a crazy weirdo who thinks everything he does is perfect, and because he's tested it - then it's true and if you don't do it, you are then dumb and wrong. Well, maybe he really isn't all those things - but that's how he comes across in this book. Filled with what he promises as a "minimalist approach" to a better life, I read this as a joke at first and also to see what the heck he had to say. First off, he can't quite say that anything he proposes you do with weight, sex, sleep Okay, Timothy is a crazy weirdo who thinks everything he does is perfect, and because he's tested it - then it's true and if you don't do it, you are then dumb and wrong.

First off, he can't quite say that anything he proposes you do with weight, sex, sleep and sleep is anything but minimal. It's step after step after drug after step to get to this so-called perfect place. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans do not specifically address the 'Slow-carb diet'.

On the other hand, the review praises the avoidance of "white" carbohydrates and the recommendation to eat the same few meals repeatedly. The Harvard Business Review quoted Dr. Tieraona Low Dog: News quoted Scott Kahan codirector of the George Washington University Weight Management Program describing it "as another cockamamie fad diet" and expressing doubts about its sustainability.

As part of the press for the book, Ferriss appeared as a guest on The Dr. Ferris describes a detailed marketing plan for promoting the book, including trailers, aggressively seeking out fitness and exercise bloggers and influencers, and prizes for readers who bought The 4-Hour Body package deals [7] [8].

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The 4-hour body". New York Post. Not So Much".

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Ok I started this diet 2 weeks ago. His advice for pulling this off mentions that diarrhea, unless one is careful, may result. Your workouts are too long according to Tim. Please re-enter.