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Last but certainly not least, I have to give credit to all the strong female fictional The discussion is concluded with a survey of some retellings of the myth And he found the lord Hades in his house seated upon a couch, and his shy mate . Heroes Of Olympus The House of Hades PDF Free Download - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. They have no choice. The House of Hades book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Hazel stands at a crossroads. She and the remaining crew of.

The point is, Hazel Levesque, your mother may have claimed not to believe, but she had true magic. Eventually, she realized this. When she searched for a spell to summon the god Pluto, I helped her find it.

I see even more potential in you. Hazel could summon riches from the earth, but anyone Now this goddess was saying that she had made all that happen. Neither do you. Without my help, you will die. The polecat snapped its teeth and passed gas.

Hazel felt like her lungs were filling with hot sand. Hecate raised her pale arms. A flurry of black-and-white images glowed and flickered, like the old silent movies that were still playing in theatres when Hazel was small. In the western doorway, Roman and Greek demigods in full armour fought one another on a hillside under a large pine tree. The grass was strewn with the wounded and the dying. Hazel saw herself riding Arion, charging through the melee and shouting — trying to stop the violence.

Its rigging was in flames. A boulder smashed into the quarterdeck. Another punched through the hull. The ship burst like a rotten pumpkin, and the engine exploded. The images in the northern doorway were even worse. Hazel saw Leo, unconscious — or dead — falling through the clouds. She saw Frank staggering alone down a dark tunnel, clutching his arm, his shirt soaked in blood.

And Hazel saw herself in a vast cavern filled with strands of light like a luminous web. She was struggling to break through while, in the distance, Percy and Annabeth lay sprawled and unmoving at the foot of two black-and-silver metal doors.

And I am the goddess of crossroads. She looked down and saw the glint of silver coins … thousands of old Roman denarii breaking the surface all around her, as if the entire hilltop was coming to a boil. News was exchanged.

Markets were held. Friends met, and enemies fought. Entire armies had to choose a direction. Crossroads are always places of decision. Demigods would go there to make decisions. They would flip a coin, heads or tails, and hope the two- faced god would guide them well.

Hazel had always hated that place. After all Hazel had been through, she trusted the wisdom of the gods about as much as she trusted a New Orleans slot machine. The goddess of magic made a disgusted hiss.

He would have you believe that all choices are black or white, yes or no, in or out. Whenever you reach the crossroads, there are always at least three ways to go … four, if you count going backwards. You are at such a crossing now, Hazel. None of you will survive. She scooped a handful of fire and sculpted the flames until she was holding a miniature relief map of Italy. Your comrades back home, Greek and Roman, are on the brink of war.

Leave now, and you might save many lives. Gaia has set the date of August first, the Feast of Spes, goddess of hope, for her rise to power. By waking on the Day of Hope, she intends to destroy all hope forever. Even if you reached Greece by then, could you stop her? I do not know. She has raised her mountain gods against you. Ironically, this might be the safest option for your crew.

I foresee that all of you would survive the explosion. It is possible, though unlikely, that you could still reach Epirus and close the Doors of Death. You might find Gaia and prevent her rise. But by then both demigod camps would be destroyed.

You would have no home to return to. It would mean the end of your quest, but it would spare you and your friends much pain and suffering in the days to come.

The war with the giants would have to be won or lost without you. A small guilty part of Hazel found that appealing. She looked behind Hecate at the middle gateway. She saw Percy and Annabeth sprawled helplessly before those black-and-silver doors. A massive dark shape, vaguely humanoid, now loomed over them, its foot raised as if to crush Percy.

From there, sail the Adriatic to your goal, here: Epirus in Greece. She had no idea what the Adriatic Sea was like. But one thing was obvious. You must learn to use the Mist. Hecate extinguished her map of Italy. She flicked her hand at the black dog Hecuba. Mist collected around the Labrador until she was completely hidden in a cocoon of white.

The fog cleared with an audible poof! Where the dog had stood was a disgruntled-looking black kitten with golden eyes. My children learn to use the Mist to their advantage, to create illusions or influence the minds of mortals. Other demigods can do this as well. And so must you, Hazel, if you are to help your friends.

The cat seemed so real. As a child of Pluto who has returned from the dead, you understand the veil between worlds better than most. You can control the Mist. If you do not … well, your brother Nico has already warned you. The spirits have whispered to him, told him of your future. When you reach the House of Hades, you will meet a formidable enemy. She cannot be overcome by strength or sword.

You alone can defeat her, and you will require magic. Not yet. Their courage is already stretched to the limit. Go north, Hazel. As you travel, practise summoning the Mist.

When you arrive in Bologna, seek out the two dwarfs. They will lead you to a treasure that may help you survive in the House of Hades. The black Labrador was back in its place. Oh, joy. Hazel wondered if she could prevent the revelations she saw in the Mist — Leo falling through the sky; Frank stumbling through the dark, alone and gravely wounded; Percy and Annabeth at the mercy of a dark giant.

She was starting to despise crossroads. Long before the Olympians came to power, I ruled the Mist. I hoped Zeus would prove a better king. And when the giants rose the first time I again sided with the gods. I fought my arch-enemy Clytius, made by Gaia to absorb and defeat all my magic.

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She glanced at the images in the northern doorway — the massive dark shape looming over Percy and Annabeth. The Mist dissolved, the images gone. I supported him. I had grown tired of being ignored by the so-called major gods. Even now, when they are laid low — their Greek and Roman personas fighting each other — I will help them.

Greek or Roman, I have always been only Hecate. I will assist you against the giants, if you prove yourself worthy. So now it is your choice, Hazel Levesque. Will you trust me … or will you shun me, as the Olympian gods have done too often?

Sorry, no. Many monsters will rise against you. Even some of my own servants have sided with Gaia, hoping to destroy your mortal world. If you succeed against the witch, we will meet again. Her polecat writhed, and her dog snarled. Hazel stood on the hillside in the morning sunlight, alone in the ruins except for Arion, who paced next to her, nickering impatiently. The countryside sparkled as the summer sun hit the morning dew. On the hill, the old ruins stood white and silent — no sign of ancient paths, or goddesses, or farting weasels.

Her knees buckled. Nico and Leo grabbed her arms and helped her to the steps of the foredeck. She felt embarrassed, collapsing like some fairy-tale damsel, but her energy was gone. The memory of She remembered what Nico had said: But she told them about the secret northern pass through the mountains, and the detour Hecate had described that could take them to Epirus.

When she was done, Nico took her hand. His eyes were full of concern. And the ones who do survive are never the same. Now her boast seemed ridiculous. Her courage had abandoned her. And you said something about baloney dwarfs? But why we have to find dwarfs there … I have no idea.

Some sort of treasure to help us with the quest. Percy and Annabeth helpless at the feet of those black metal doors, the dark giant looming over them, Hazel herself trapped in a glowing maze of light, unable to help.

You must defeat the witch, Hecate had said. You alone can defeat her. Unless you manage that … The end, Hazel thought. All gateways closed. All hope extinguished. Nico had warned her. Two children of the Underworld would enter the House of Hades. They would face an impossible foe. Only one of them would make it to the Doors of Death. Tonight, we cross the Apennines. She hoped Hesiod was wrong. A day? It felt like an eternity. Now Percy pulled her close, hugging her tight as they tumbled through absolute darkness.

The air grew hotter and damper, as if they were plummeting into the throat of a massive dragon. That cursed monster Arachne. Despite having been trapped in her own webbing, smashed by a car and plunged into Tartarus, the spider lady had got her revenge. On the bright side, assuming there was a bottom, Annabeth and Percy would probably be flattened on impact, so giant spiders were the least of their worries.

She wrapped her arms around Percy and tried not to sob. Most demigods died young at the hands of terrible monsters. That was the way it had been since ancient times. The Greeks invented tragedy. The Earth Mother was older, more vicious, more bloodthirsty.

Annabeth could imagine her laughing as they fell into the depths. She tried desperately to think of a plan to save them. She was a daughter of Athena. Neither of them had the power to fly — not like Jason, who could control the wind, or Frank, who could turn into a winged animal.

If they reached the bottom at terminal velocity … well, she knew enough science to know it would be terminal. The darkness took on a grey- red tinge. The whistling in her ears turned into more of a roar. The air became intolerably hot, permeated with a smell like rotten eggs. Maybe half a mile below them, Annabeth could see the bottom. For a moment she was too stunned to think properly. Red clouds hung in the air like vaporized blood. The landscape — at least what she could see of it — was rocky black plains, punctuated by jagged mountains and fiery chasms.

The stench of sulphur made it hard to concentrate, but she focused on the ground directly below them and saw a ribbon of glittering black liquid — a river.

He looked shell-shocked and terrified, but he nodded as if he understood. Percy could control water — assuming that was water below them. He might be able to cushion their fall somehow.

Of course Annabeth had heard horrible stories about the rivers of the Underworld. They could take away your memories, or burn your body and soul to ashes.

But she decided not to think about that. This was their only chance. The river hurtled towards them. At the last second, Percy yelled defiantly. The water erupted in a massive geyser and swallowed them whole. VI Freezing water shocked the air right out of her lungs. Her limbs turned rigid, and she lost her grip on Percy. She began to sink. Strange wailing sounds filled her ears — millions of heartbroken voices, as if the river were made of distilled sadness.

The voices were worse than the cold. They weighed her down and made her numb. She could sink to the bottom and drown, let the river carry her body away.

That would be easier. She could just close her eyes … Percy gripped her hand and jolted her back to reality. Together they kicked upward and broke the surface. Annabeth gasped, grateful for the air, no matter how sulphurous. The water swirled around them, and she realized Percy was creating a whirlpool to buoy them up. Rivers had shores. Usually water reinvigorated him, but not this water.

Controlling it must have taken every bit of his strength. The whirlpool began to dissipate. Annabeth hooked one arm around his waist and struggled across the current. The river worked against her: Life is despair, they said. Everything is pointless, and then you die. His teeth chattered from the cold. He stopped swimming and began to sink. Another cosmic joke for Gaia to laugh at: Annabeth dies trying to keep her boyfriend, the son of Poseidon, from drowning.

Not going to happen, you hag, Annabeth thought. She hugged Percy tighter and kissed him. You said we could have a future there! Tell me! But days ago, on the Argo II, Percy had told her that he imagined a future for the two of them among the Roman demigods. In their city of New Rome, veterans of the legion could settle down safely, go to college, get married, even have kids. The fog started to clear from his eyes. Her limbs felt like bags of wet sand, but Percy was helping her now.

She laughed, and the sound sent a shock wave through the water. The wailing faded to background noise. Annabeth wondered if anyone had ever laughed in Tartarus before — just a pure, simple laugh of pleasure. She doubted it. She used the last of her strength to reach the riverbank. Her feet dug into the sandy bottom. She and Percy hauled themselves ashore, shivering and gasping, and collapsed on the dark sand. Annabeth wanted to curl up next to Percy and go to sleep. She wanted to shut her eyes, hope all of this was just a bad dream and wake up to find herself back on the Argo II, safe with her friends well … as safe as a demigod can ever be.

But, no. They were really in Tartarus. At their feet, the River Cocytus roared past, a flood of liquid wretchedness. When she looked at her arms, she saw they were already covered with an angry rash.

She tried to sit up and gasped in pain. So the air was acid. The water was misery. The ground was broken glass. Everything here was designed to hurt and kill. Annabeth took a rattling breath and wondered if the voices in the Cocytus were right. Maybe fighting for survival was pointless. They would be dead within the hour. Next to her, Percy coughed. She loved Percy for trying to lift her spirits. She had Percy. She forced herself to take stock.

Her foot was still wrapped in its makeshift cast of board and bubble wrap, still tangled in cobwebs. Her backpack was gone — lost during the fall, or maybe washed away in the river. Time to grieve later. What else did they have? No food, no water … basically no supplies at all.

Off to a promising start. Annabeth glanced at Percy. He looked pretty bad. His dark hair was plastered across his forehead, his T-shirt ripped to shreds. His fingers were scraped raw from holding on to that ledge before they fell. Most worrisome of all, he was shivering and his lips were blue. They both struggled to their feet. She scanned their surroundings. It was like staring through a thin mix of tomato soup and cement. The black-glass beach stretched inland about fifty yards, then dropped off the edge of a cliff.

A distant memory tugged at her — something about Tartarus and fire. Before she could think too much about it, Percy inhaled sharply. A hundred feet away, a familiar-looking baby-blue Italian car had crashed headfirst into the sand. It looked just like the Fiat that had smashed into Arachne and sent her plummeting into the pit.

Annabeth hoped she was wrong, but how many Italian sports cars could there be in Tartarus? Under the crushed hood lay the tattered, glistening remains of a giant silk cocoon — the trap that Annabeth had tricked Arachne into weaving.

It was unmistakably empty. Slash marks in the sand made a trail downriver … as if something heavy, with multiple legs, had scuttled into the darkness. Percy was still shivering. The glass cuts on her hands were still bleeding, which was unusual for her. Normally, she healed fast. Her breathing got more and more laboured. That distant memory came into focus. She gazed inland towards the cliff, illuminated by flames from below.

It was an absolutely crazy idea. But it might be their only chance. We need to find the River of Fire. VII The cliff dropped more than eighty feet. At the bottom stretched a nightmarish version of the Grand Canyon: Even from the top of the canyon, the heat was intense. Every breath took more effort, as if her chest were filled with styrofoam peanuts. The cuts on her hands bled more rather than less.

Each step made her wince. Assuming they could make it down to the fiery river, which she doubted, her plan seemed certifiably insane.

He pointed to a tiny fissure running diagonally from the edge to the bottom. Might be able to climb down. He managed to sound hopeful. Annabeth was grateful for that, but she also worried that she was leading him to his doom. Of course if they stayed here they would die anyway. Blisters had started to form on their arms from exposure to the Tartarus air. The whole environment was about as healthy as a nuclear blast zone. Percy went first. The ledge was barely wide enough to allow a toehold.

Their hands clawed for any crack in the glassy rock. Every time Annabeth put pressure on her bad foot, she wanted to yelp. A few steps below her, Percy grunted as he reached for another handhold. Her arms trembled. But, to her amazement, they finally made it to the bottom of the cliff. When she reached the ground, she stumbled. Percy caught her. She was alarmed by how feverish his skin felt. Red boils had erupted on his face, so he looked like a smallpox victim.

Her own vision was blurry. Her throat felt blistered, and her stomach was clenched tighter than a fist. We have to hurry, she thought. Their tattered clothes steamed from the heat of the river, but they kept going until they crumpled to their knees at the banks of the Phlegethon.

Percy swayed, his eyes half-closed. It took him three counts to respond. Her throat was closing up from the heat and the acidic air. But also … some legends call it the River of Healing. I think … it might be the Underworld equivalent of ambrosia and nectar. Yes, but she was convinced they had no choice. If they waited any longer, they would pass out and die. Better to try something foolish and hope it worked. Before she could change her mind, she cupped the fiery liquid in her palms and raised it to her mouth.

She expected a taste like gasoline. It was so much worse. Drinking from the Phlegethon was like gulping down a ghost chilli smoothie. Her sinuses filled with liquid flame. Her mouth felt like it was being deep-fried. Her eyes shed boiling tears, and every pore on her face popped.

She collapsed, gagging and retching, her whole body shaking violently. The convulsions passed. She took a ragged breath and managed to sit up. She felt horribly weak and nauseous, but her next breath came more easily. The blisters on her arms were starting to fade. Desperately, she cupped more fire in her palm. She tried again, pouring a whole handful down his throat. This time he spluttered and coughed.

Annabeth held him as he trembled, the magical fire coursing through his system. His fever disappeared. His boils faded. He managed to sit up and smack his lips. She was so relieved she felt light-headed. That pretty much sums it up. He looked around as if just coming to terms with where they were. Maybe that Tartarus was empty space, a pit with no bottom. But this is a real place. They both gazed up at the blood-coloured clouds swirling in the grey haze.

No way would they have the strength to climb back up that cliff, even if they wanted to. Now there were only two choices: She remembered what Percy had said just before they fell into Tartarus. That idea seemed even crazier than drinking fire.

How could the two of them wander through Tartarus and find the Doors of Death? For everybody we love. The Doors have to be closed on both sides, or the monsters will just keep coming through. Still … when she tried to imagine a plan that could succeed, the logistics overwhelmed her. They had no way of locating the Doors.

How could they possibly synchronize a meeting with their friends? She decided not to mention any of that. They both knew the odds were bad. Besides, after swimming in the River Cocytus, Annabeth had heard enough whining and moaning to last a lifetime.

She promised herself never to complain again. Annabeth spun as a massive dark shape hurtled down at her — a snarling, monstrous blob with spindly barbed legs and glinting eyes. She had time to think: But she was frozen in terror, her senses smothered by the sickly sweet smell. His blade swept over her head in a glowing bronze arc.

A horrible wail echoed through the canyon. Annabeth stood there, stunned, as yellow dust — the remains of Arachne — rained around her like tree pollen. The golden dust of the spider settled on the obsidian rocks.

Annabeth stared at her boyfriend in amazement. As it passed through the thick hot air, it made a defiant hiss like a riled snake. Percy kicked the dust on the rocks, his expression grim and dissatisfied. She deserved worse. It almost made her glad Arachne had died quickly. Now, you were saying … downstream? The yellow dust dissipated on the rocky shore, turning to steam.

At least now they knew that monsters could be killed in Tartarus … though she had no idea how long Arachne would remain dead.

Lucky us. VIII Annabeth plodded along, half in a stupor, trying to form a plan. Since she was a daughter of Athena, plans were supposed to be her speciality, but it was hard to strategize with her stomach growling and her throat baking. It just kept you going so you could experience more excruciating pain. Her head started to droop with exhaustion. Then she heard them — female voices having some sort of argument — and she was instantly alert. On the other side, on the narrow path between the river and the cliffs, voices snarled, getting louder as they approached from upstream.

Annabeth tried to steady her breathing. The voices sounded vaguely human, but that meant nothing. She assumed anything in Tartarus was their enemy. Besides, monsters could smell demigods — especially powerful ones like Percy, son of Poseidon. Annabeth doubted that hiding behind a boulder would do any good when the monsters caught their scent. This one sounded much younger and much more human, like a teenaged mortal girl getting exasperated with her friends at the mall.

For some reason, she sounded familiar to Annabeth. There was a chorus of growling and grumbling. I was there a couple of years ago. I know the way!

More hissing, scuffling and feral moans — like giant alley cats fighting. Just leave one special morsel for me — the one named Percy Jackson. Annabeth fought down a snarl of her own.

She forgot about her fear. Before this war is over, mortals and demigods will tremble at the sound of my name — Kelli! She glanced at Percy. Even in the red light of the Phlegethon, his face seemed waxy. Empousai, she mouthed. Percy nodded grimly. She remembered Kelli.

The House of Hades

One of them had been Kelli. Annabeth had stabbed her in the back and sent her … here.

To Tartarus. The creatures shuffled off, their voices getting fainter. Annabeth crept to the edge of the boulder and risked a glimpse. Sure enough, five women staggered along on mismatched legs — mechanical bronze on the left, shaggy and cloven-hooved on the right.

Their hair was made of fire, their skin as white as bone. Annabeth gritted her teeth. She had faced a lot of bad monsters over the years, but she hated empousai more than most. In addition to their nasty claws and fangs, they had a powerful ability to manipulate the Mist. They could change shape and charmspeak, tricking mortals into letting down their guard. Men were especially susceptible. Not a great first date. Kelli had almost killed Percy. Annabeth really wished she still had her dagger.

Percy rose. IX He was sure it had primo powers. There had to be a secret switch or a pressure plate or something. He spent hours crawling over the statue, which took up most of the lower deck.

Her body ran the length of the port corridor, her outstretched hand jutting into the engine room, offering the life-sized figure of Nike that stood in her palm, like, Here, have some Victory! The statue was wedged tight in the corridor, so Leo had to climb over the top and wriggle under her limbs, searching for levers and buttons.

As usual, he found nothing. He knew it was made from a hollow wooden frame covered in ivory and gold, which explained why it was so light. Annabeth had said … well, he tried not to think about Annabeth. He still felt guilty about her and Percy falling into Tartarus.

Leo knew it was his fault. He should have got everyone safely on board the Argo II before he started securing the statue. He should have realized the cavern floor was unstable. He had to concentrate on fixing the problems he could fix. Anyway, Annabeth had said the statue was the key to defeating Gaia.

It could heal the rift between Greek and Roman demigods.

The high-acceptance dielectron spectrometer HADES

Leo figured there had to be more to it than just symbolism. Or maybe the smaller figure of Nike came to life and busted out some ninja moves. Leo could think of all kinds of fun things the statue might do if he had designed it, but the more he examined it, the more frustrated he got. The Athena Parthenos radiated magic. Even he could feel that. The ship careened to one side, taking evasive manoeuvres.

Leo resisted the urge to run to the helm. Jason, Piper and Frank were on duty with Hazel now. They could handle whatever was going on. Besides, Hazel had insisted on taking the wheel to guide them through the secret pass that the magic goddess had told her about. Leo hoped Hazel was right about the long detour north. It had no moving parts. He wanted it to make sense, like a machine. Finally he got too exhausted to think straight. He curled up with a blanket in the engine room and listened to the soothing hum of the generators.

Buford the mechanical table sat in the corner in sleep mode, making little steamy snores: Shhh, pfft, shh, pfft. Leo liked his quarters okay, but he felt safest here in the heart of the ship — in a room filled with mechanisms he knew how to control.

Besides, maybe if he spent more time close to the Athena Parthenos, he would eventually soak in its secrets. Unfortunately, that meant dreams. He stumbled into workbenches, knocked over toolboxes and tripped on electrical cords.

He spotted the exit and sprinted towards it, but a figure loomed in front of him — a woman in robes of dry swirling earth, her face covered in a veil of dust. Where are you going, little hero? Gaia asked.

Stay and meet my favourite son. The night your mother died, I warned you. I said the Fates would not allow me to kill you then. But oh dear, they don't look good in the picture. They look so beat up. But at least they are together.

Gosh that should be their.. Or slogan or whatever. I have a feeling we won't see Percy and Annabeth in this book. If it's possible, we will see them on the last chapters already. We can only know what's happening to them thru demigod dreams and visions whatnot. I know, I know.

This is unacceptable! Maybe Annabeth's POV will be included too? I just read Riordan's blog and he wrote this: They don't disappear from the story. Whose POV we will be seeing? I don't like him that much. Through Piper's eyes we saw Jason as too perfect.

Perfect is boring and not really believable, I mean there's a reason why most people root for the underdog right? Also she compared Jason to Percy, and I din't like her comparison. That's definitely a plus. Jasper fans, no hatin' please: D I just wish the love story won't be the main plot, it's too cuddly for my taste.

Oh well, another year of waiting for the House of Hades. I won't be seeing them for a long time. Just everyone. Recommended to Melanie by: The coolest person ever: The water was misery. The ground was broken glass. Everything here was designed to hurt and kill. I have never been a fan of including gifs.

Not only have I been dying for a year to read this, but also because right now, I'm a mess of emotions and words. I mean, I was already crying when my mum snagged a copy for me while I was at school the second the bookstore opened. Proceed onwards! However the task is not that simple, a war is brewing between the Greeks and Romans, Gaia is becoming stronger The House of Hades, second last book before the finale which has been named The Blood of Olympus has a little something for all types of readers.

Action, mythology, humour, romance, sacrifices, war and monsters are all present. And, trust me people; you will not be disappointed--no matter how high your hopes were, no matter how excited you were, no matter how much of your body you would sell for this. The House of Hades, has whopping 7 main characters and 2 sub-main characters. It has always been my greatest concern that The House of Hades would make my brain hurt from attempting to distinguish apart such an ample number of personalities.

Yet, I seriously love love loved the characters in this book. Percy, our hero since the beginning has never been more selfless and humorous. He may be kickass but he still has one big big heart--and a very funny personality. However I couldn't help but think that Bob the Titan, yes, Bob is back!

Percy had a little less due to his situation, a. Annabeth, wholly badass, full of hope and smart. Always with a plan. While Percy and Annabeth are in Tartarus, they face some of the biggest challenges and curses of their lives--their abilities are stretch to their maximum and above. I'll admit, their isn't as much as I was wishing for but Rick Riordan makes it the most realistic and every time they'd hold hands I was like Together, they make an ass-kicking team.

Hazel was actually one of the more important ones in The House of Hades. I grew rather attached to her, she's so determined to save everyone, so full of heart, so determined. I really wanted to tackle hug her. Leo, our cool guy with plenty of cute arrogance. Frank, lots of character development in this one, our shy and unsure one. Coach Hedge, we go a little more into his history and still and get plenty of his love for killing and butchering.

And Nico! Piper and Jason As usual. Not that they ruined my enjoyment of the book but I am just no fan. I do think, while Percy Jackson and the Olympians and The Heroes of Olympus are full of fun and action, it's also been teaching me a lot of Greek Mythology and Roman Mythology along the way, in fact, I've become really interested in Greek Myths, and am planning to learn more about religion and mythology for my free electives at school which is exciting.

I am so, so grateful to have read this series. Some books, you read and love but they may not teach you as much as this one. Rick's books come with the extra of some knowledge. If an author can teach a bit of Greek Myths while writing an attaching story, I do believe that all MG and YA readers so give this series a go. View all 8 comments.

Aug 21, Elevetha rated it really liked it Shelves: Oh, geez. Oh, wow. Give it to me before I freak out. Too late. View all 30 comments. Dec 28, William rated it it was amazing. I CAN'T. That book was freaking amazing. Behold the actual dedicated page: Sorry about that last cliff-hanger.

Well, no not really. But seriously, I love you guys. You are officially my favorite author, the author who not only is able to transform a wonderful world of mythology into a gripping story that captures you from page one with wonderful characters that you all fall in love with, but an author who introduced me to the wonderful world of reading at the age of 10 with the Lightning Thief. So many things happen in this book that just completely blow me away.

First, the character development. You would think with over 7 important characters all uniquely different, an author would have immense trouble really connecting and developing the characters. Not only does he really go deep into intercharacter relationships and making sure you get to know them, he makes you fall in love with them.

He makes you so emotionally invested in the characters that have you screaming in joy or gripping your book or in my case, Nook in terror out of fear something bad is going to happen to them. He has you sobbing into your pillow, he's that good. On top of that, every single character development has a purpose, one that contributes and drives the story forward. Holy Hades, Nico. I can't go in anymore without spoiling it.

I am going to be honest. When she was first introduced, she was honestly not one of my favorites. I was just like "ehh This book completely changes that. She becomes so awesome, not just personality wise, but power wise too.

Best combination ever. Same goes for Frank. He got more awesome. I'll leave it at that. I finally feel like there is some kind of closure for Leo that has been eluding him for like the past 3 books.

And his romance? Oh my Lord, the world building continues to be phenomenal. I think I have learned more about Greek mythology from the Percy Jackson series than like anywhere. What is so refreshing about this series is that Rick Riordan doesn't just make up random things to complement his stories.

It's just amazing. The descriptions, just everything ugh, is perfect. I really don't know what else to say that can give props to this book's world building and setting.

The plot is amazing, just in case you didn't know. It grips you, but Riordan's style of story telling just makes it impossible for the reader to like put the book down to go do work. But, Rick Riordan does something other than just create plot. He uses it as a mechanism to not just give characters meaningful growth, but the reader as well. The messages he peppers in makes you nod in appreciation. All in all, I recommend this book for everyone. I am not ashamed to say that I am a senior in high school geeking out and having feels and emotional attacks while reading them, and I also am not ashamed to say that I probably will keep doing that forever and ever even when I am an adult.

The Percy Jackson series are amazing. Rick Riordan is amazing. This book is amazing. So go read it now. Fortunately, Rick Riordan does not end this book in a cliffhanger or I might have died. But, on a different note, I am also extremely sad and nostalgic that the next book will be the last in this series But I am happy to announce that I am here for the journey and will relish every moment of it. Blood of Olympus, bring it on.

Rick Riordan, I wait here im patiently for your next book in great eagerness and anticipation. In short, Update: October ? Apr 02, Kai rated it really liked it Shelves: Action, fun, more action, gods and monsters, legends and heroes, love, revenge and friendship. That is basically The House of Hades. All in all this was great. Sometimes I got a bit weary, the page count is quite big in this one.

But then with such a big cast of characters, it's no surprise. It's actually really quite impressive how Riordan manages to give everybody a fair share of the spotlight.

No one is left behind. Even the character developement is on point. My most beloved character however is Nico di Angelo. I'm totally rooting for this guy and can't wait to read more of him. He deserves to be lucky Find more of my books on Instagram View all 10 comments. Oct 09, Lyza rated it really liked it Shelves: Post reading: I'm changing my mind about Frank's percentage. But Lyza, you say, isn't Frank the most likely to die?

His life depends on a stick! It was explicitly stated in SoN that he would die holding the stick in his hand, and it would be sooner rather then later.

That implies that the stick is going to burn at some point in the series, right? Exactly, my friends. Rick Riordan has drawn so much attention to this stick tha Post reading: Rick Riordan has drawn so much attention to this stick that he's basically painted it orange and waved it around like I don't know, what do you call those things that people use to signal airplanes?

Those things. Uncle Rick has been basically, flat out telling us that Frank has a stick, the stick is going to burn, and Frank is going to die. Forgive me if I find the fact that this is emphasized so much rather suspicious. Then again, Riordan could always pull a and actually kill him. I could easily be wrong. He's going to kill off Leo isn't he. I mean, think about it, even though I'm a Leazel fan, I think it's pretty obvious that Frank and Hazel will end up together, and Percy and Annabeth You know what, I think I'm just going to state survival percentages because I'm still in a coma from MOA and I need to straighten out my mind.

I doubt that Uncle Rick would kill him off permanently. He's Percy after all. Percy and Annabeth are the main characters, this is supossedly a childrens book, and besides, I just really think they're both going to live.

It's the other characters I'm worried about I think they're more likely to die then Percy and Annabeth, but less likely then everyone else. To be honest, I don't care for them that much. Moving on. She's already died once. Killing her off again would be extremely cruel. Then again, her being alive is sort of stretching the rules of nature a little bit I mean, his life depends on a stick, folks. He's very vulnerable. However, I do think he's more likely to live than Leo, just because, well, he's obviously the easiest to kill.

It would be a just a teensy bit And so we come to my poor baby: Several reasons. The fortune cookie. I am not convinced that Percy and Annabeth falling into Tartarus was the price. When Leo thought to himself that they had been the price he'd paid, I was thinking "Are you sure about that Leo?

Are you sure? It seems to me that it would be very Rick-like to make us think that the price has been paid but it hasn't. The whole Frank-Hazel-Leo love triangle extravaganza. I have a sneaking suspiscion that Hazel will have to go back to the underworld and someone is going to take her place.

Or Frank and Hazel will end up together and Leo will just randomly die. Let us all remember that it was Leo who reflected that someone who had to close the doors from the Tartarus side would be stuck there.

This makes me worried. A side note: I wonder, have we really discovered all there is to the Sammy thing? I am convinced that somehow, some part of Sammy's soul is in Leo. However, all this aside, I doubt that any of the seven will die until the last book.

So, yeah. Probably this book will end with Gaia awakening and everything looking very grim for our heros especially one or two of them But look on the bright side! We don't have to wait two years! Only one. We can do it guys!!!!!! October 8? Well, at least it's not the exact same week as the last Divergent book, but still probably same bookstore trip I sense impending doom. Edit March 8, Is it legit though? It's exactly the same as the one for MOA, and I really don't see how they could know it yet since the books probably not even finished yet View all 83 comments.

Oct 30, Ahmed Ejaz rated it it was amazing Shelves: Now I can relax. I don't wanna say it but it's true.

Regardless of so much tension here, I can relax now 'cause my favourite ship of all time is safe. Safe from the Hell! I mean it. This book was as amazing as I expected it to be. I liked how things were carried out. One end in the mortal world, another in Tartarus. I thought they were kind of black-hole-ish type. But no. They were elevators. This fact was amazing that they were held by chains in both places.

And th Now I can relax. And they had to cut them to free the Doors and stop the coming of more monsters in the mortal world. That was interesting. Her interaction with Hazel made the book amazing. He surprised me most of the time. Every time he appeared, he got something. Something that changed his personality. I love him!

I like him with Hazel. He seemed a very serious version of Percy to me. Regardless, I love him. I am really looking forward to see him with Reyna. Is there a need to say that I love him or not?

Who can hate him? I am dying to find out how he will fulfil his promise. Everything they went through in Tartarus was just jaw-dropping. I admit there were some coincidences BUT nothing matters when you love the characters above everything. This is my silly opinion. I am literally trash for both of them. Be honoured, little demigods, said the god of the pit.

Even the Olympians were never worthy of my personal attention. But you will be destroyed by Tartarus himself. Overall, a not-to-be-missed book. October 30, View all 14 comments. Oct 06, Sarah McLaughlin rated it it was amazing. Even the Lightning Thief is not that great compared to this.

On a scale of stars, it deserves a They may not think so, but they do. I mean, who would get a chance to change the future and change it for the worse? This book was like a Fan-fiction. Everything I wanted to happen Percabeth POV's. Leo finding someone. Piper realizing that "the world must fall" means "Gaea must fall" Rick Riordan, if you're listening, thank you very much for not leaving us at another Rickhanger.

View all 59 comments. To my wonderful readers: Well, no, not really. But, seriously, I love you guys. I just,,,,I just want my kids to be happy, is that too much to ask for??

View all 26 comments. Part of my "Huge Review Binge 2k15" aka trying to catch up on reviews I haven't done in the past two years Date read: December 16th, Date reviewed: And for this book. Sorry, not sorry. So it's been a super long time since I read this. Additionally, since then I've also read the 5th book in the series, and the two kind of get mixed up in my hea Part of my "Huge Review Binge 2k15" aka trying to catch up on reviews I haven't done in the past two years Date read: Additionally, since then I've also read the 5th book in the series, and the two kind of get mixed up in my head.

But I will try not to get them confused. Ah yes, don't you love it when your author literally ends a book by dumping your favorite characters straight into hell? This fourth installment in the series finds Annabeth and Percy trapped in Tartarus and trying to escape. Meanwhile, the other demigods are trying to fight through Gaea's forces and seal the doors of death. Well, having now finished this whole series I can say this is one of the strongest of them.

I think part of my enjoyment is that it focuses more on characters from the original Percy Jackson series——mainly Percy, Annabeth, and Nico. My sweet babies. Goodness gracious, so many. I know I've gushed about this in reviews of the previous books but, they're just such a great couple. I love that they need each other without being completely dependent on one another.

They have their own distinct personalities and histories, they're both kickass in their unique ways … and they're just perfect. I love them. And in this book, we really get to see how strong their bond is and how much they've grown. And Nico——Nicoooo! Nico is gay! And that's so awesome! Not only because there was finally some LBGT representation in this series, but also, I felt like it made a lot of sense. I don't know if Riordan knew this from the beginning, but regardless, it really works.

And I love it. And I love Nico. I looove Leo. A lot. Hazel and Frank are both cool, too. I have to say I'm not a huge fan of Piper or Jason and they're both kinda Mary-Sue-ish, but … you know, they're fine. Still, I felt like there was good character development in this book and we get to know all the characters more.

I liked Riordan's portrayal of Tartarus and all the obstacles Percy and Annabeth have to face. It's definitely intense and scary, but still with that whacky Riordan flair. And over all, it's a very exciting story. Like all of Riordan's other books, there's a lot going on and it never slows down. For a book that was a huge brick, it didn't feel very long because it all went by so quickly. The Final Word: Love this series, love the book, love the author. Good stuff.

After reading: So many feelings. I can't handle it. Full review coming eventually. View all 22 comments. Oct 11, Christine Riccio rated it it was amazing. Epic and wonderful just like all Rick's books. View all 12 comments. Dec 03, Kristalia rated it it was amazing Shelves: Final rating: It is no flowery softness! It is hard work—a quest that never ends. It demands everything from you—especially the truth. Only then does it yield rewards.

This book is H. I didn't except Rick Riordan to raise his level of angsty situations to a whole different level. But he did it. After that nasty cli Final rating: After that nasty cliffhanger where our two heroes, Annabeth and Percy, fell into Tartarus - this story got it's creepyness level to another darker level.

How will Annabeth and Percy survive in a place which traumatized even son of Hades, Nico? Camp Jupiter full of bloodthirsty teenagers [which is so damn scary] is advancing to attack camp Half Blood and there is no one who can stop it. And if they do start a war, there will be bloodshed and many will die. Unless our heroes return Athena's statue to its rightful place. But first - our heroes must rescue Percabeth from the depths of Tartarus and close the Doors of Death in House of Hades.

What this book really succeed with is advanced character development - all of the characters were level-uped if i could say it like that. May contain some minor spoilers! He will always be peaceful soul, but when it comes to protecting the people he loves, he will let all hell lose, even if it means becoming someone else. She is damn brave - like seriously brave. I also loved how she cared for Nico when obviously no one else does, except for Jason and also she loves Frank with all of her heart and would do anything for him.

She accepted who she is and she is fighting with all she has. Of all things, she wants to prove herself too! He wants to become better, he wants to change things - especially camp Jupiter.

He accepted his Greek side more than his Roman side, and even though he was a rule follower, he wants to change them, even if it means breaking them. I seriously started to love him more in this book than ever before. I didn't like her so much before like with Jason , but now i do, she is interesting and she tries her best to help.

Yes, that is right - in love! And it changes him - because all he needed was love - and to be accepted. Sure, he did made some mistakes, but worst of all, he always felt alone because no one was there for him at least according to him , he felt like seventh wheel all the time, an useless guy who can't do anything right.

But now he has changed and i love the change and i need him to have a happy ending of sorts!

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I have to say their relationship is basically and practically true love. I mean, it was cemented the moment Percy decided to fall along with Annabeth to Tartarus so she wont be alone. He could have saved himself, but he didn't. He chose to stay with her and be with her until the end.

First he gave up his immortality to be with her, and now he damned himself - only to be with her. They are slowly changing and those changes are much more darker than they wanted. Especially Percy. He would do anything for Annabeth, but sometimes he lost control and almost became what he didn't want for Annabeth to be afraid of him like when Percy almost view spoiler [ killed Misery with her own poison hide spoiler ] It was completely unexpected and it shocked me.

I would never call Nico heartless or unemotional, cause he is oposite. He just hides his pain well - and after this book, i totally understand him. He believes no one will accept him - so he hides himself. His creepiness is his self-defense - because he doesn't want to be hurt.

He believes that no one cares about him not even Percy and Annabeth , but he cares about them all, and that is what hurts him [he just cannot comprehend that people care about him too] Tell him, Nico di Angelo, Cupid said. Tell him you are a coward, afraid of yourself and your feelings. Tell him the real reason you ran from Camp Half-Blood, and why you are always alone. Will you hide among the dead, as you always do? Cupid taunted. Some serious spoilers about Nico: And for someone from ties, those kinds of feelings were unacceptable and he is scared of that too.

Nico knelt and picked it up. He regarded Jason, as if waiting for an attack. Wait,let me start over again: I believe the reason is this: Some of them think of it as its really serious and i dont mean on boys who think they are that way cause it's "time of change". Just imagine how people felt when the gay rights didnt even exist they all felt like Nico, because it was "unnatural" to them as much as it was for people beside them. So they thought if they confessed how they truly feel, they will eventually get abandoned.

And that is exactly how Nico feels. Also, Nico is one of the most popular characters of PJO universe, and having him presented in that way may show people that there are actually people who feel same as them. And also, just read this: So many great sentences, so many interesting twists and turns and i love the story so much.

Just read this series and percy jackson series and you won't regret it. It will be painful to wait for the last book, but oh well: View all 33 comments. Oct 09, Lauren G. Rick Riordan you are a cruel man! Why must we wait a whole year!!!!!! I think its the best one yet. It is a whole lot longer yay! Percy and Annabeth get back together!!!!! She should narrate too! She is just annoying when she narrates. I dont mind her when shes not constantly talking in my head.

Percy and Annabeth in Tartarus is just cruel! One of them has to narrate! I miss him! She should come and help Percy and Annabeth open the doors from the inside because seriously, how can just the two of them open the doors from the in Tartarus where it's very very very very very dangerous, much more dangerous than the outside, if it takes like 10 people to open them from the outside?!?!

I mean come on! It's so important! I mean she's practically not Annabeth without her dagger and hat! Riordan enjoys torturing his fans with awful cliffhanger endings and then making us wait a whole year before he resolves them. I can't wait! View all 27 comments. Oct 27, Bubbles rated it it was amazing. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Don't read if haven't read Mark Of Athena yet. You've been warned.

D Ok, more thoughts December 21st. Ok, I've been thinking about point of views lately The Lost Hero started with Jason as the narrator. That makes sense I mean, he's the lost hero, obviously. The Son of Neptune started with Percy. That makes sense.

The Mark of Athena started with Annabeth. Annabeth is the daughter of Athena, and the quest and all, blah blah blah.. So, it'll only make sense if The House of Hades starts with Nicos point of view.

I mean, he is the son of Hades. So that's that. D yup. I'm happy. And I think the cover is probably going to show either Nico being all in command and stuff lookin for the Doors of Death, or Annabeth and Percy running from a bunch of monsters in Tartarus. Both sound pretty epic. November 30th. I just had another thought What if its Nico and someone else? Maybe Percy and Annabeth fell into Tartarus for a reason. So that Nico and that someone else could come in If so, who is this mysterious person?

A girl, most likely. No, I don't think No, she isn't a half blood. Besides, she's a oracle. There's got to be some rule against oracles going on quests or whatever. No, not her. Nah, she's a huntress. She has her own stuff to take care of. Doubt it. Maybe it's someone who is yet to be introduced to us. Who knows? Maybe a girlfriend for Leo or Nico.

November 8th. I just had a thought An oath to keep with a final breath What if Nico promised Percy to meet them on the other side What if Nico closes the doors?

Nico is my 2nd favorite character!! Don't make him diee Rick!! Everyone thinks that was what the line of the prophecy meant, and then BOOM!

In the last book Nico shows up alive and well, and saves the day! What do ya thing? To unrealistic? Is it weird that Percy falling into Tartarus just makes me love him more? Once upon a time My life was boring. Then it was over I quickly bought this book and read it, and the first time I saw Percys name in it, I just read it ten times to make sure it was really there.

The Son of Neptune came out. When I opened the cover and saw Percys name, in big bold letters So beautiful And now The Mark of Athena. I gobbled it up, like any other Percy Jackson related book. And now thats over too. Nah, probably not I have a feeling that two of the seven will die. Those two are Frank and Hazel. Franks life depends on a burnt peice of wood, And Hazel, shes not supposed to be alive anyway. I know, its incredibly sad.

But, hey, at least its not Percy! Hazel and Leo and Frank should just all figure it out. Personally, I like Leo best. But Frank and Hazel were toghether first, so. I dunno. Piper is incredibly annoying. And then after her comparison she thought that Jason was better looking! I mean, thats like describing a peice of bacon and a celery stick! Jason is the celery stick, and Percy is the bacon.

My favorite parts in the book? When the ship is attacked by dolphin pirates. And Percys like "Oh no! Franks turning into a crazy dolphin! And when Percy, Frank, and coach Hedge go to that water aquarium thing, and Percy and Frank are stuck in the tank, Frank turned into a koi fish, and lifted his fin up.

I laughed hysterically at this part. I don't know why. XD Maybe cause I was reading late into the night, and I was really tired. But then again, it takes time to write something so amazing. Now, I'm gonna say something It should probably be unsaid, but I'm going to say it anyway I mean, they offered it to him in The Last Olympian, they might again when Percy dies Although, Percy as a god wouldn't be any fun.

Percy is so lovable because of his flaws. He's perfectly imperfect. Plus, what would that mean for Percy and Annabeth? November 5th. Is that the official cover?

View all 48 comments. Oct 04, Arriana added it. I am literally crying right now. Just finished reading MoA for the 3rd time in as many days, and I can officially say I am sobbing with both joy and sadness.

The book was amazing, and beautiful. But now it's time to start psyching myself out about the House of Hades, or HoH. Predictions as of October 4, 1- Percy and Annabeth will live, but they will come out worse for wear.

I'm not sure what will happen to them, but Nico's description of Tartarus really scared me. While P I am literally crying right now. If he is shattered by what he saw in Tartarus, I can't imagine what Percy and Annabeth will be going through.

They will probally get, like a chapter, and it will show Annabeth succumbing to the horrors of Tartarus and Percy panicking or something like that. Then, at the end of the book, they'll pop up and be like "surprise!!

There is still a book left, but there is still Gaea herself to fight. That has to be a book on its own, right? I'm guessing this wakeup call will probally come in the form of some sort of message from the gods. I really want to see inside Nico's brain. There are still, what, 6 to 7 giants to go? And they all have to be defeated in 2 books?I could easily be wrong. Annabeth tried to steady her breathing. The concerns of this approach, however, are not as relevant to underworld episode.

Percy 5. She was a daughter of Athena. His dark brown eyes gleamed with urgency.