The Perfect Storm is a creative nonfiction book written by Sebastian Junger and published by W. W. Norton & Company in The paperback edition (ISBN. The Perfect Storm: A True Story Of Men Against The Sea: Sebastian Junger: Readers are first seduced into caring for the book's doomed characters, then. The Perfect Storm book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Takes readers into the maelstrom and shows nature's splendid.

The Perfect Storm Book

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*Starred Review* Junger's most recent book, War (), which recounts his experiences with combat troops in war-torn Afghanistan, embodies both his. The worst storm in history seen from the wheelhouse of a doomed fishing trawler; a mesmerisingly vivid account of a natural hell from a perspective that offers no. "There is nothing imaginary about Junger's book; it is all terrifyingly, awesomely real." —Los Angeles Times. It was the storm of the century, boasting waves over.

Dale "Murph" Murphy: In the story Murph is 33 years old.

He is from Bradenton Beach, Florida. He is physically described to have shaggy black hair, a thin beard, and Mongolian eyes.

Murph has a three-year-old child and an ex-wife named Debra. Murph is the cook for the Andrea Gail. David "Sully" Sullivan: A hired fisherman who served to replace a worker on the Andrea Gail who dropped out of the job.

Sully is well known in Gloucester for saving his entire crew on one fishing voyage. Described as an amiable person with a crazy reputation. He does eventually go on the trip.

The Perfect Tale

Pierre is also described to be shy yet well-liked. Captain Billy Tyne is known for 'hate talking' to Brown and often sends messages to him through Captain Greenlaw.

Junger describes Brown's reputation in Gloucester as complex. He is known for being a successful owner but criticized for being a risk taker.

To some he is known as "Suicide Brown. Junger nicely paces his narrative by interrupting it with histories of Gloucester, of the New England fishing industry and its gradual decline, and of the development of long-line fishing -- dragging a mile-long monofilament with up to 1, baited hooks.

He creates a distinct atmosphere when he writes: "At dinner the crew talk about what men everywhere talk about -- women, lack of women, kids, sports, horse racing, money, lack of money, work.

They talk a lot about work; they talk about it the way men in prison talk about time.

The Perfect Storm: A True Story of Men Against the Sea

Work is what's keeping them from going home, and they all want to go home. There's no sound but the smack of water on steel and the heavy gargle of the diesel engine.

Perhaps most compelling of all, he explains in concrete detail why hurricanes blow, how waves rise, what happens to boats in a storm and the way human beings drown.

Tyne talks with Tommy Barrie, the captain of the Allison, and is never heard from again. The ship probably sank after it was hit by a monster wave.

After two weeks, searchers gave up locating the Andrea Gail. During the same storm in nearby waters, several daring rescues took place. The captain and his two-woman crew from the yacht Satori were saved by Coast Guard rescuers.

The Perfect Storm: Summary, Characters & Author

They were made to jump into the ocean and swim to a basket that hoisted them on the Tamaroa, a Coast Guard cutter. A Japanese fisherman was similarly saved on the Tamaroa.

During that rescue, an Air National Guard helicopter fell into the ocean and stranded six highly trained jumpers. One of the jumpers died, but the others were saved by the crew of the Tamaroa.

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There are other stories of sea survival from Judith Reeves on the Eishin Maru about boats like the Andrea Gail caught in similar storms.And when he does the drink, and drink, and guess what they drink even more. But it's not really supposed to be scary.

More than anything I liked the story about the boat "Satori" and the 2 women on the board. The early part of the book is reminiscent of Moby This is a powerful and heart-wrenching true story.

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She knows that people out on sword fishing boats have a fairly large chance of not coming back. I have a special bond with this story.