Additional learning resources are available as Adobe® PDF files on the Rosetta Stone. Supplemental Rosetta Stone® Workbook – English (American) Level 1. Additional learning resources are available as Adobe® PDF files on the Rosetta Stone Rosetta Stone® Workbook – English (American) Level 4. Unit 1. Additional learning resources are available as Adobe® PDF files on the Rosetta Stone Rosetta Stone® Workbook – English (American) Level 2. Unit 1.

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PDF Drive is your search engine for PDF files. As of today we have 78,, eBooks for you to download for free. No annoying ads, no download limits, enjoy . Rosetta Stone,® Language Learning Success,™ and Dynamic Immersion,® ENGLISH. Course Content. Contenido del curso. Contenu du cours. Kursinhalt. Rosetta Stone English British Level 1 Pupil Workbook - Download as PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Rosetta Stone English American Level 2.

Guess what It apparently lost all progress. I ended up taking it two more times, finally getting everything right. When I finished, it said I missed one anyways. I have another Review that I know I'll never get right because despite voice set to easy and having taken a year in college of German from a native German, it says I cannot pronounce one word.

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I gave up. In short, if you are a perfectionist or have limited time to waste on bugs, this is not the app for you. There are better ones for free that won't make you cuss in front of children or want to throw your phone.

Great news - we have a fix in place to solve the issue you had when you completed it and it was still showing as one not complete. This will be released soon! This is just as bad as when Adobe switched from selling full real CD copies of their programs to being subscription-based. Please send us an email via in-app settings to follow up with you. I ski in the mountains. In the winter. Who is at the door? Someone is at the door.

I exercise on Monday. I eat fruit and vegetables. I can speak English and Chinese. Mark the sentence X if the sentence is false. Mark the sentence 3 if the sentence is true. X 1 David always exercises outside. Read the following information about David: I like to exercise. David plays golf. David skis. David eats meat. In the summer. You should wear the blue one. We should eat here. You 9 I 8 We need to find a 10 Sugar is eat beans. She should not wear a jumper. We should not stay here.

You 6 The girl is she drinks coffee. Complete each sentence with an appropriate word or phrase from the text box. Choose the best answer to complete each sentence. She should go to the beach.

Rosetta Stone. English (American) Level 1 - Student Workbook

You should go to the library. You should study.

They should take the bus. He should drink coffee. Match each situation to the advice. What happened? Your hair is wet. I went outside when it was raining. I went outside He ate a lot of cake She drank the tea He went to the beach They fell off She fell off her bicycle when she was riding it. What is it? Write the name of each body part.

Lesson 4. Do you have a bandage? I was climbing a tree. I would. His temperature is thirty-eight degrees.

John drinks coffee at breakfast. We should call the doctor. Wednesday and Friday. Match the conversations to the pictures. I hurt my knee. I will call her. I hurt my elbow. Write sentences that describe how often these people do each activity. I have a bandage. He drinks coffee three times a day. I fell off my bicycle. Write the temperature.

Would you like a bandage? Did you hurt your knee? More than one response is possible. I studied for eight hours. Look at each picture and complete the sentence to tell the people to be careful. What hurts? Read each situation and write a logical conclusion about which body part hurts. My head hurts. Fill in the spaces with letters to form a word based on the clue provided.

I need a. When you are ill. More than one answer is possible. His stomach hurts. When I am hurt. He should drink milk. Please be careful when you ride your bicycle. Please be careful 2 The children are going to swim in the lake. The boy is climbing climb a tree. Her stomach hurts. My eyes hurt. He hurt his face. Complete each sentence with one word. Please be careful 3 The girl is skiing. He hurt his nose.

Her mouth hurts. His ears hurt.

My head. The boy is going to ride his bicycle. My ears hurt. My elbows hurt. Choose the sentence that best describes the picture. Complete each second sentence according to the information in the first sentence.

He hurt his eye. Unit 2, Lesson 1, Worksheet 1 Section 1. Choose the correct answer to complete the sentences. Use the sentences below to answer the questions. Match the clauses below to form logical sentences. I like the blue one better. Unit 2, Lesson 1, Worksheet 2 Section 1. The girl who hurt her leg. Stone art and history. Use nothing, no one, something, everyone, or everything in your response. You are going to have a party. Look at the information below. Then answer the questions. There are: How many guests are there?

Now help Anne describe what she wants and needs. Bethany likes to ski went to Australia last year has a dog exercises drinks coffee in the morning plays an instrument has a brother likes to cook Everyone likes to ski.

Look at the chart below. What does Anne want or need? Read the problems that Anne has. If the sentence is false. Unit 2. She speaks Russian.

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Next week. I want a house that has a garden. I have a good friend. It will probably be cold in China. I need a new one. Although I like cake. She is talking to the girl. Next summer we. They need milk. I never eat it. Combine the two sentences on each line to form one sentence. I need a new camera. This summer we visited Rome. What will probably happen? Read each situation and write a sentence that describes what will probably happen.

The bus departs at four thirty. Last summer we visited Rome. Complete each sentence to form a. We will probably go to the beach. This month. The woman teaches history. The team is not happy. It is not expensive. The woman who teaches history is talking to the girl. There is A. There are B. There is B. We need a map. Are there B. Before the party. Complete each sentence with one of these words or phrases: There are A. Complete the text with words from the text box.

There are fifteen guests. We have a lot of cake. Is there A. Our team plays very well. Is there Section 3. Is there B. Complete the sentences to describe the pictures. Unscramble the letters to write the name of the continent shown. Now answer the questions about the text in complete sentences.

He went to Italy when he was twenty years old. They got married in Rome. Their second son is my father. He married my grandmother. They lived in Italy for fifty-six years. What do you hope for? Complete the sentences based on the situations. We went to his funeral in Rome. Read the following text. Their first son was born in Their second son was born in I hope it tastes good.

My grandfather died in My name is Robert. Viktor Popov was my grandfather. He lived in Russia for twenty years. He was born in My grandmother died in Now complete these sentences about you.

My daughter was married nine born at eight twenty-three A. We finished it a month ago. He The funeral was yesterday. Complete each sentence with an appropriate verb. How long ago did you do things? Use ago in your response. I had a baby yesterday. Use soon or already in your response.

We got married in May. The girl went to school at seven thirty A. The girl is studying. The man died three years ago. Today is Saturday. They went to the cinema at six thirty. Soon or already? Look at the pictures and complete each sentence using the words in brackets. My Dad went to London on Tuesday. We have been married for four months. How long…? Read the following situations. He 4 This book is 5 will be in a church. Match the phrases to form logical sentences. Arrange the words on each line to form a complete sentence.

We went to the 7 You had a baby! My friend died two days ago. Complete each sentence with a word from the text box.

Use the words in the text box to help you. Match a word from the left column to word in the right column to form a compound word. Complete the sentences. I drove east to Germany. I took the train south to France. Read the sentences and number the pictures from 1 to 4 to arrange them in the correct order. These plants grow in the desert. Use the words in brackets to help you. Write sentences about what you are going to do.

Look at the pictures and write an appropriate question. Use the words north. M flight United Kingdom. Look at your calendar for next week. Pine trees. North America. Use the following clues to help you get through the maze. You may use each square only once. Australia Antarctica. Complete each sentence with one appropriate word. Read the situations. It arrived the United Kingdom the next morning. Now the dog is mine. Stone gave me his old tent.

My flight departed Mexico in the evening. Then answer the question: Whose is it now? Use mine.

Bethany gave me her dog. Spain and Germany. The flight is delayed. This plant grows in Mexico. You should exercise. Whose is it? Look at the pictures and complete the sentences. What did the doctor say? Complete the conversations.

What did the teacher say? What did the waiter say? Italy is of. The man is. We have chicken and beef. Excuse me. These flowers Section 2. Complete each sentence to answer the questions about each picture.

For each of the places listed below. Now for each animal. Write the name of each animal. It lives in Asia. They can be different colours. Some people are afraid of this animal. They are not dangerous. They can be black.

It can swim. It can swim and walk. They can live in the water. Label each above description with its corresponding word from the text box below. We can drink milk from this animal. They can jump. It eats fish. They sometimes eat grass. They live on many continents.

It is dangerous. It can be many colours. It can be big or small. It is orange and black. Write descriptions similar to those in Section 1 above. They eat insects. Sometimes it is white and black. It is black and white. Some are dangerous. It is a type of big cat. It lives in the ocean. It can live in the water. Read the following descriptions of animals: Some are dangerous if you touch them.

It lives in Antarctica.

Dangerous or not? Look at each picture. Use this and these in your sentences. Write a description of the picture using the information in brackets to help you. Read each situation and complete the sentences with an item that fits the situation. Answer the questions with mine. Look at the pictures and write a sentence with the word afraid for each. Someone is downloading the book.

Animals with two legs Animals with four legs Animals with no legs chicken Section 3. Someone is touching the book. This bird is beautiful. Someone is reading the book. Whales live in the desert. This chicken is big. Follow the examples: Complete the diagram using the words in the text box. Whales live in the ocean. Write the name of three animals for each category. Look at the pictures and choose the sentence that best fits the picture.

This duck is ugly. Camels live in the desert.

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The woman and her boyfriend are cleaning their flat. He thinks science is interesting. The men think the match is boring. They think she plays the guitar well.

They think their daughter is sleeping. What are you doing in Rome? Do you know my boyfriend Nicholas? He thinks science is dangerous. My name is Anthony. Nice to meet you. They like playing the guitar. Circle the sentence that best matches the picture. She thinks he cooks well. He thinks everyone is home. Number the sentences from 1 to 8 to arrange them in order. He thinks no one is home. He thinks someone is home. Unit 3. Using the information in brackets. She began teaching art twenty five years ago.

Complete each sentence to form a logical statement. Use some. You have the wrong phone number. Her husband bought apples. Write sentences that describe what you think about the following activities or subjects. How many books have you read this year? I have read eight books this year. You wrote My phone number is Then write a sentence using right or wrong.

He has a history book. Decide if the items are right or wrong for each situation. What have you done? Answer the questions in complete sentences. If the underlined part of each sentence is correct.

How did you and your girlfriend met?

If the sentence is incorrect. Complete the dialogue based on the pictures.

I will wash. Read each question. Read each sentence. Why is it important to practice the piano? If you practice the piano. Then answer the questions with if … then. I will wash the dishes. Louis Do you know each other? Do you have 6 He will cook 8 There are 5 That team has not lost chicken for dinner. Write the word in brackets in its correct place in each sentence.

Complete each sentence with some. I will go to the chemist. I will sweep the kitchen. Complete each sentence based on the pictures. I need to take money of the cash machine.

Complete each sentence with a clause from the text box to form a logical sentence. I have to exchange dollars pounds when I am the United Kingdom. Complete the sentences with one word based on the pictures.

There is room on the bus for the family. Complete the sentences based on the pictures including only in your response. There is a room in my rucksack. Arrange the words on each line to form a complete sentence that describes the picture. I like many types of 2 4 He has four books. Number the pictures from 1 to 6 to arrange them according to the dialogue below. They have pounds. Now you can download me lunch. That boy is repairing the bicycle with a spoon.

Currency in the United States: She is going to the United Kingdom. He had dollars. Read the following situation. Currency in Europe not United Kingdom: There is an apple tree beside the street.

When she arrives at the cash machine. She does not have anything to eat in her kitchen. Now write sentences using the information in brackets to imagine a better day for Samantha.

Samantha is hungry. Read the following text about Samantha. Samantha wants to take an apple. Then decide if it is polite or not. She wants to go to the cafe to eat something. Write a sentence for each situation. Read each phrase. Now she is very wet.

Hold them. I your briefcase. Answer the questions by completing the sentences based on the pictures. How can I take money out of the cash machine? Complete each sentence with the correct form of the word in brackets. Arrange the following instructions in order by numbering the sentences from 1 to 5. Write the name of items that fit each category. This is half of a cake. She has drunk all the milk. She cut the apples into thirds. This is one third of a pie.

This is half of a pizza. It costs almost two pounds. I need two. Circle the sentence that best describes the picture. This is a whole pizza. She weighs almost four kilogrammes. Complete each question with one appropriate word.Complete the sentences with the correct name of the city or country. Fill in the blank spaces to write the word for each number shown.

Where are you from? Complete each sentence with one word. The man is cooking in the kitchen.