ஸீரோ டிகிரி / Zero Degree (Tamil) by சாரு நிவேதிதா / Charu Nivedita - Books on Google Play . Flowing text, Google Generated PDF. 0 Degree - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free . zero degree, Charu nivedita. 0 Degree. Uploaded by Rajesh Srinivasan. zero degree, Charu nivedita. Copyright: Attribution . Mittaai Kathaigal - Khalil Gibran - Tamil CHARU NIVEDITHA My Novel Was Treated Like a Song of Freedom. But Zero Degree is one of the newest forms of the novel in South Asia, very unlike Do you believe this will be an important Tamil novel?.

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Zero Degree book. Read 32 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Fiction. South Asia Studies. Translated from the Tamil by Pritham K. Ch. His novel Zero Degree was longlisted for the.. Charu Nivedita Zero Degree Tamil Pdf Download -. Enter your mobile number or email address. Read online or Download Zero Degree by Charu Nivedita (Full PDF ebook with Translated from the Tamil by Pritham K. Chakravarthy and Rakesh Khanna.

Of course, postmodernism has evolved in the past century in Western writings in numerous different forms and ways. Europeans such as Calvino and Perec began revolutionising the 20th century novel in numerous ways. Nivedita actually uses some of these writers as intertextual references. So I was pleasantly surprised to hear that this penetrating book has managed a cult status of sorts in the Tamil literary scene, and in Kerala too. There are also several numerous peripheral female characters who narrate their own stories in between the other mini-narratives.

First of all, there is Surya who wanted to write a novelization of the life of Muniyandi, and dedicate it to his daughter, Genesis; he made pages and pages of notes, and pasted in lots of clippings from the daily newspapers.

Each chapter though poses a new conundrum — we are not entirely sure who the narrator is and in what chronology these events are occurring. The effect is meant to discombobulate you. Do you think it is necessary to read the Latin American novels mentioned in this novel? This is a hard novel to read; each time you think you grasp where a thread of the narrative is heading, it twists and you are bewildered again.

One of the most significant aspects of this book is the interspersion of fact with fiction. Another method Nivedita uses to discombobulate the reader is the random name-dropping of several authors from across the world, in particular Latin American authors in Spanish.

To which Surya responded, what do you mean by nation? The Mexican troupe replied, if he were a writer in our country, he would either be living in exile, or he would be an ambassador.

Octavio Paz resigned as his post as an ambassador in New Delhi in protest against the shootout during a student demonstration at a Mexican university twenty-seven years ago.

The dictatorship came to an end. Our authors have no identity of their own. They are either government clerks or the owner of petty shops, and write in their idle time at work.

It was only after hearing this that Muniyandi quit his job as a clerk and became a wanderer. That divide of fiction and reality, the divorcing of writers from their political stances is a major issue he wishes to elaborate on. In addition, the mention of Carpentier brings to mind lo real maravillosa, the essay that suggests that Latin American history and geography are so unique that they appear fictitious and magical to the outside world. Again, Nivedita seems to blur that line between fiction and reality, and almost seems to suggest that the same exists in India, with its historical and mythological symbols trespassing on every aspect of daily life through temples, rituals, superstition and orthodoxy that have created a heritage of oppression and abuse.

He then went on to talk of the form of the short story, referring to several of its masters such as Poe, Kafka and Katherine Mansfield, and how the structure of the short story worked when it transmitted a certain shock to the reader, a moment of revelation. It seems like a collection of short stories most times, and mimics that shock and jolt wits its facts, language and imagery.

Nivedita has been compared to Bataille for his consistent scatological and sexual preoccupations. So, the inclusion of occasional shocking and disgusting imagery serves a point on some level. For a moment Muniyandi just stood stunned. What have you done? In that bag is my handwritten manuscript for a novel that will someday be translated into French and appreciated by the most intellectual minds of the world! I would be needing the mail id of this guy Krishna Kumar.

You can send the id as a message to my FB profile here. Fair enough. No issues. But, there is a difference between slandering and a literary remark, and I could see the threshold getting crossed here. In case if you change your mind, let me know. Comment by Rajesh on Charu vattam facebook: OMG, you gotta to be kidding! In the message we exchanged on facebook, you said you did not wanna waste your time replying to a shithead like me.

So, I ended that conversation with good bye and good luck. I also ended my postings here. I absolutely have no reason to post in different ids. This is the id I have been using to take on Charu and this is the only id I will use to take him on in future.

So, please stop this nonsense of saying that because of your comments I ran away and showing up in different ids.

I can give specific examples from his stories as to how perverted and sick his writings are which I will do within a week. As painful as it might me, the only reason I read his absurd writings is to quote from them so that I can keep as many people as possible away from his books why waste hard earned money? For example, as a movie critic, you end up watching the good, bad and the ugly but you prevent people from wasting their hard earned money on the ugly movie.

I have the same purpose in life. Do you think when Charu compared Swami Nithyananda to god, he did not know the perversion that was going on in the ashram? Did you know that he was part of the inner circle of the Swami and Swami referred to Charu and his wife as his hard core devotees in his satsangs? Is this what you call ethical writing? Only after you mentioned me as a fucker, remember? The problem with you is that, you conveniently forget to mention the other side of the argument, dude.

Even in your facebook page, you have given your comment which you have posted here, with my name. That proves who you are. And, about your blabbering here, Charu himself has given ample replies in the past. An example: About the nithyananda episode, it was nithyananda who cheated charu and so many people saying that he is a god incarnate. And, when the truth — that Nithi is a fake — came out, Charu wrote about that too.

Now, by questioning about ethical writing, do you mean to say Charu would have continued to praise Nithi, even after it got proven that he was a fraud?

And, finally, about quoting an example from what I do — as a movie critic — I differ from you totally. I do not vehemently oppose that the movies are porn, incest, they spoil the cultural value, blah blah….

I give both the pros and cons in a professional way. I take part in the debate about the movie. But, I wrote positively about that film, as I know about that particular genre.

All the best. Keep whining. If given money the internet begger will write praising anyone or demeaning anyone.

He does not have ethics. There are so many instance to substantiate this like Nithi, Gopinath, Rajinikanth, ManiRathnam, Jeyamohan episodes etc. I was intrigued enough when I first heard about Charu Nivedita through Pallavi, but learning how deeply offensive his work is to these many readers, I went ahead and downloadd Zero Degrees.

Also, reading all these comments, I get the feeling an onus has been placed, not just on this writer but on literature as a whole. Why hoist the writer on a pedestal and expect him or her to produce works of upliftment? These perceptions aside, a writer has no societal role whatsoever; no moral obligation to respect long established conventions of decency. Money, political statements and addressing social evils are all besides the point.

Arjun Rajendran, I acknowledge your view, the writer Jobs is to Write thats it. Go head and read charu, you will enjoy his writings. For some reason people in TN wants writer to give advice, make them happy, serve them as a guide etc… I still dont know why like that, is it a Fuedal mind set?

But this should please you, determined as you are to stop people from reading his work. Crap, like most things, is subjective. What, may I ask, qualifies you to dish out this unwanted advice, to come in the way of readers exercising their right to read? If you have something to say about the writing, I will keep it. My blog is no place to plant accusations and suspicions.

Do you want to enlighten me the difference between calling someone a fucker and saying that his translation would be fucked up? I am posting our FB messages below: So glad that you are translating Rasaleela. Rajesh Da Scorp: Keep messaging me. You called me a fucker and you conveniently turn it against me. I went thru all the messages and I have called you stupid which is evident from your posts but never called you a fucker.

You can publish our FB messages for all to see including your smilies! You keep talking about increasing my BP here and everywhere else while I have not. It is obvious that my posts are increasing the BP in the vattam.

Charu also has mentioned a few times that his blood boils for blah blah blah reasons. I am not trying to be a saint here but there are many issues in India which needs immediate attention like food, healthcare, education, etc for people living in fringes of the society. Your vattam does nothing to even talk about any social issue. Did you know that incest is illegal in western countries which Charu always raves about?

Charu mentioned in an interview recently that he is addicted to sex but in the Exile review meeting held in Feb he mentions a writer forgot the name, listen to the video stating that he has not had sex for 5 years. Charu stated that his life reminded that of this writer. How can someone be addicted to sex and at the same time be starved of sex he has mentioned this in his blog postings also?

He is so bloody inconsistent is his writings and it comes back to haunt him. Even the Vtéléchargementhi victims with no means whatsoever sued and got justice. So many die-nard fans like you could have footed his legal bills or helped him with this? That would have been an open and shut case had truth been with Charu?

If anyone did this to me, I would have apologized like a US Politician for hurting my family ha ha ha or I would have sued those bastards. For your info, the Panaiyur meeting audio was published by a young Vikatan student reporter in some blog which I listened to last year. Clarification before you twist my statement again: My blog — which discusses books, film and other art — is not a stage to evangelise or persecute.

And stop with this whole gullibility crap — we can equally call you a pathetic fool full of paranoia and moral outrage who cannot find an outlet anywhere else, so he turns up on the web and trolls people. If you continue posting slanderous, defamatory remarks and casting personal judgments on the kind of person Charu is, I will delete it.

You know where you can take your agenda and shove it. Are some of them not slanderous? Could you please apply the same yardstick to him? And exactly what has Rajesh said that is slanderous? Do you know the meaning of slander or defamation? To make an unfactual, erroneous claim about a person to a third party.

Saying someone has committed sex crimes, theft, fraud, rape, incest or paedophilia when there is no material evidence apart from hearsay or court ruling supporting it, that is slander. As far as I see it, Rajesh is telling you what he thinks to your face. That may cross the lines of acceptable etiquette or manners, but is not slander or defamation. There is also no significant loss to your reputation as a result, which is also a necessity to recognise it as defamation — unlike what you and other goons are trying to do to Charu.

Each culture has its own sensibilities and these words are deeply hurting and slanderous for many. You hear far worse on the streets of Chennai or Mumbai, so spare me this wounded victim crap.

Just go away. Who is asking you guys to anyway? So these words are slanderous in the society I live in.. If you see people stepping out on Shit — you try to alert them.. And slander applies to the country the blog is registered in and that the blogger resides in — WordPress can be called in to provide my personal details only if taken to court in the country I live in or this blog is hosted in, and in India, no precedent exists for such legality.

But with Sibal and his moronic statements, who knows. Go ahead, call it pornographic, explain why you think it is low quality, why it lacks literary merit and I will not censor a single comment of that type. If I were to do the same to the Prime Minister is it fair? If I were to do that even to criminals like Kasab, is it fair?

How can you hang, draw and quarter someone for something which you have no proof of and whose information you have only found freely floating on the web? And who are his victims who have not made police complaints or taken him to court for the same? Like one of the other posters said, separate the writer from his writing. Nabokov wrote Lolita with its paedophilic themes yet stands unaccused of any such behaviour in his real life.

Lewis Carroll is supposed to have had a muse for Alice in Wonderland with its many predatory overtones yet stands un-besmirched in his public life. It is possible to write pornographically without being a sexual criminal in real life. If the evidence racks up against him and the police arrest him, I will stand for justice and a fair trial, regardless of the outcome. That should be the only criteria as far as I am concerned. Zero Degree is good. But whatever he has written after that is pure rehash..

You get a feeling that he has run out of steam.. Sex is invariably used in a perverted manner in his writings.. It is neither lyrical or does is create the impact to be called as litreary piece… I have read some of the works of Pablo Neruda, Pa. His tall claims — for instance — his Zero Degree is the only lipogrammatic novel in Tamil is far from truth. If they did, then no one will even waste a second in reading him.

The way he portrays Tamil culture — as though its far inferior to that western culture — makes him a laughing stock. In Austria we have cases of ruthless father keeping her daughter captivated as a sex slave — the sex crimes in western countries are even more grievous than that of here. Its his personal thing — I am fine as long as he keeps it to himself.

But he asks his readers to follow — eg. Nithayanada and other religious guys he was promoting in his website. He was tearing apart Gopinath of Neeya Naana but now he is back in the show.. Okay, this brings up some good questions.

Some of the other stuff I have posted since this review argue an effective case that pornography can be literary and has some theoretical merit — particularly by writers who politicise it. Of course, you can and should disagree if you are not convinced, which is fine. My point though is that porn is a medium for desire and arousal — it is the primary intention of pornography to arouse first and convey meaning later.

Take that scene with the prostitute and the manuscript I have quoted, and it is not erotic.

This gives the event a socio-political significance. Both are, of course, very common. And the reasons urged against the propriety and relevance of one apply as well to the other.

and other states of mind

Indeed, in this notion of annihilation of the subject we have perhaps the only serious criterion for distinguishing between erotic literature or films or paintings which are art and those which for want of a better word one has to call pornography. It is a substitute for life. But art does not excite, or, if it does, the excitation is appeased, within the terms of the aesthetic experience.

All great art induces contemplation, a dynamic contemplation. However much the reader or listener or spectator is aroused by a provisional identification of what is in the work of art with real life, his ultimate reaction — so far as he is reacting to the work as a work of art — must be detached, restful, contemplative, emotionally free, beyond indignation and approval. I simply say that I lacked grace.

It sums up my understanding of pornographic literary writing and how it differs significantly from porn. They are just what they are, and I can agree to disagree with you on that. But neither are sex crimes superior or inferior. Crimes are horrible regardless of culture.

Charu talking about a vilifying, Philistine Tamil culture as I have heard him say is his experience of it, and I respect that, but if he says that Tamil crimes are far worse than European crimes which I cannot see a way of justifying , then I disagree with that line of thinking.

But part of the enjoyment of a good book for me is an aesthetics that can frame big philosophical questions, and I can appreciate that regardless of agreement or disagreement.

My review does not deify or praise Charu for that reason. Post your length it with real name, else no use. If possible put your thoughts on the language to be used when you depict the life of people in a Ghetto. Do you prefer Sankritizing or localizing?

Rajesh called me a fucker and he twisted that against me and you have nothing to say on this. Let him deny the Facebook posts. Please answer these questions please, please — if possible call ayyapan and let us know his birth secret? Why is Charu a big bhaktha of Iyappan — If possible call Adam and Eve and let us know if they are siblings or couples? Please tell me if you have objection to your son marrying your daughter or having sex with her or you having an incest relationship with your daughter I am cringing when I write this.

So, can we go back to stone age? Have you spoken to them? US tamilan Wake Up!!!! Please stop reading literature, you are sick with scientific and logic approach, Literature is to release us from this not to bind into it. You have serious problem of seeing the utility value for all product you download and you apply the same logic into literature. Logic and Literature are two opposite poles.

You are thinking are very linear. Your approach to a fiction is totally flaw and more over you are so innocently ignorant. This the sign of so called technology man of modern world, leave us alone please.

Please keep your value assement for the product, cost benefit ratio calculation and all your modern management Technic with your self. The world have realized the disastrous result of such linear thinking. Wake up!!! Thinking linear is acceptable but fighting to establish that is the right way is terrorism, wake up, look around. Charu work are doing that in style. Incest, Genocides, racial cleaning, Prostitution, Eve teasing, child molestation, rape, murder all are because of people like you, you think there is only one way and that is your way.

Wake up!!!!. There are so many things is the world which are glorified in this world and you expect a writer to write only on this glorified things God, Morals, Love, sacrifice…. By writing on those glorified things turns those into mere words, but breaking them and analyzing them in fiction makes them real. I am sure you will not be able to speak language other than what you use for business and what you need in your home, you never play games, you never go out with friends without purpose, you feel stressed if some one over takes you, you will violate all rules to over take him again, you will proudly say that you wont waste a single minute and use every hour productivity.

And, our friend US Tamilan has gone to the extent of posting the facebook messages we exchanged here, to portray his righteousness: My reply to US Tamilan will be — It was he who started bombarding me with his messages in which he started attacking me there, all the while staging a pathetic act of trying to be a literary critic here.

I can send you the transcripts, and you can proof read them, just the way you are reading Charu forcefully, without missing even a single comma? I prescribe US Tamilan to relax himself: I posted a simple test to that guy. By giving him his own medicine. Seems that this anonymous coward can attack anyone, and when someone offers him his same words, he shows us his real form. Even if someone responds with just a full stop, he licks his tongue and starts writing passages of junk: Leave him alone Pallavi, Green, Maya and others..

Ignoring anonymous guys is the best punishment to them. My bullshit detector is on high alert. Looking at how you guys are OK with incest, perversions, crude sex, paedophilia, etc, and keep justifying them, it is time for me to get the hell out of here!

I never get surprised as it is in our Great Tamilnadu guys like TRajendar have a huge following too…..! As it was the custom in those days, my parents hosted him and fed him three square meals for three days. He claimed that he was in the armed services, honorably discharged, and looking for work.

He told the children of the house many stories of his life: The man was a master story teller. A week or two after he left, we came to know that he was in the Tamil Nadu Police Department as a constable under probation, caught taking a bribe or committing another petty crime, and dismissed, and he has never been to anywhere outside Tamil Nadu.

The man was a humbug, but that does not change the fact that he was also a master story teller. The same applies to Charu. For two years or so, Charuonline. One fine day, the hyperlink vanished. Charu claimed that his blog was hacked and all posts were lost. Soon after Nithyananda scandal came out in the public.

Any decent person would have apologized for promoting someone like Nithyananda.

Charu went on a tirade: As his God fell from the pedestal, so did his formidable linguistic skills. Nithyananda was described as the one who licked the asses of actresses; and Jeyamohan, who posted a hilarious blog on the topic was called as the one who licked the asses of movie directors.

The same Charu is capable of producing a high work of art like Zero Degree. I think it is in Zero Degree, he says something to the effect: Go ahead and post. Have you put on any words filter..? If we gonna continously put the fictional characters into our life circumstances,we are gonna become a lunatic. I have got nothing else to say. Have ignored many of your personal questions because i believed that to be accidental too. Why is this so complicated… you like it read it..

India has a very less reading population and amongst them people who read charu are even lesser.. Charu writes what he likes to write.. If you think his work is having a bad influence on the community what about other problems like corruption, poverty, red tapism, political fiascos, dynasty rule..

Again, errors in the comments with the links. Hence, I have decided to give the links as they are. Hence, you can delete my previous 2 comments, and can publish this one Pallavi. This is final. A lot remains in Tamil, untranslated. Also, currently Charu is writing columns in Asian age.

Giving those links too. Morgue Keeper — http: Love, in Pixels — http: He is least inhibited when it comes to the use of genitalia or graphic description of sexual acts. Rarely readers experience any sexual stimulation by reading it. Mostly a feeling of revulsion occurs. It is a deliberate method used by him to lead readers into his subject.

Many readers stumble on this particular aspect and completely lose him. Regarding repetitiveness, I think the problem is that Charu Niveditha is not a prolific writer.

He writes slowly, and is distracted by a number of things most of it his own doing. Many times in his blog, he would write a post that is only paragraphs long, and remark that was the only thing he could write the whole day.

He reuses much of what he writes on his blogs in his novels, so it seems like he does not write much. The gap between his first and second novels was more than 10 years. Now, he tries to write one a year targeting the Chennai book fair.

I read all those novels in Tamil. In my view, I think, Charu does not write novels. He employs his strength. What is this aspect, one may ask.

That leads us to point 2. Mix them up, and throw some allusions, voila, a novel.

One additional ingredient that Charu uses to keep things spicy is point 3. This raises the literary quotient in the novel for those who are not familiar with those famous spanish writers. This is often a deliberate, transparent trap set for a lay reader. So, what? Charu, cleverly never takes on anything directly or in depth.

It is just a construct. So what? Overall, I find his writing, after the first novel, to be repetitive and somewhat predictable. The unpredictability that he attempts to introduce is deliberate. The violence, sex, and mindless nature of the society are just simple constructs to elicit shock among the readers, and the name dropping is meant to delude the reader into believing that there is more meaning in these words than their marketing value.

I could hug you right now. I dwelled on several of the issues you mentioned after I finished the book, and it came down on the side that I felt there was serious merit in the writing. But I understand utterly where you are coming from. Referring to your website is one thing that I am very thankful to Charu for. I will be a frequent visitor, and I look forward to more posts. Style of writing in Zero Degree in tamil is something that most of the readers in Tamil are not exposed to.

I was really confused for the better part of the first half and had to force myself to finish the second part. I am not sure I would say I liked it but it made for an interesting read. I got on with RasaLeela, Thegam and Exile all tamil and I should say Thegam turned out to be a damp squib and least of my favorite as it was too graphic and gory in details not my cup of tea.

It was pieced together from his web pages, current affairs, his brush with spirituality, etc. Ephesians 3: A guy masturbating inside the temple premises…is that in zero degree…? What thoughts does the masturbating scene brings in?

How do you deconstruct it? And, I wrote it in my three books which sasi sekar referred to. The reason I get upset is, I have dealt with these questions umpteenth times in my interviews and articles. Now, I fully agree with sasi sekar. About the name dropping thing… my god! Hi… a word from me. Charu has always mentioned that there are two schools of thought in Tamil literature so far. Nakulan school of thought and 2.

Sundara Ramasamy school of thought. I remembered this when I looked in to the comment of Mr. His blog where I was able to read comments by A.

That, precisely, is the issue here in Tamil Nadu. People never understand that there is a stream of literature following the footsteps of De Sade and Bataille and would like to humiliate those writers verbally, or physically.

In his books and interviews, Charu has always been answering to all the questions asked by the commenters here who say that the violence, sex are for shock value. I would suggest them to read the books and the interviews, without which, the stereotyped question will again and again rise. Those that are not can be attributed to either his gurus or sishyas.

I must however congratulate Scorp Da Sleuth for proudly presenting the indisputable proof that I once commented on a blog post by Mr Raja. Sir, I am guilty as you charge. Years later Mamallan ripped this work apart with ample evidences, and the only response from Charu was to call Mamallan names. However, this discussion is not about the columns written by Charu.

We are discussing about his novels. The schism in contemporary Tamil literature that the Sleuth presents is a proposal by Charu indeed.

Reading between the lines

As per Charu, the two schools are separated by their respective approaches to life. The other school founded by Sundararamasamy approaches life as a quest towards virtue, especially moral righteousness. This classification is disputable. You can perhaps try to club various literary works into one box or the other.

What work of Ashokamitran more fits in the school of joyous celebration than in the school of virtues? How would you classify Ki Rajanaranayan or Kanmani Gunasekaran in this schism? The classification has no merit and deservedly no one in contemporary Tamil literature has given it a second thought. He is quite a unique and original writer in this sense.

Unfortunately, his Sishayas lack original and critical thinking that they are forced to regurgitate what the Master has taught them. This is indeed the pathetic state of contemporary Tamil literature. I am quite amused, to read the reply of A. V Suresh here. Reason being, whatever I said about the rightists and their fans, not understanding about the genre of literature which Charu belongs, has totally been misunderstood by Suresh, who, in the spur of commenting, may have missed it.

Anyway, lemme again reiterate: Whatever I said about writers like De Sade, Bataille, Kathy Acker, pertains to the particular genre in which they write. There is nothing wrong in saying that Charu belongs to that genre, when we start to compare about the different genres. Even Charu has mentioned the same, in his interviews, that after he started to write, he came to knew about these writers, and noticed the similarity. Then, about Suresh saying that the classification is false etc… well, as I have already said in this comment thread, everybody has their opinion about things.

I can understand. The rightists, attacking charu and the charu fans replying back, is nothing new, as it can be found throughout the comment section here.

I found the Theeraakkadhali article in the same category. I mentioned that Suresh has brought in Raja, as, the article has been written in aug , and suresh has commented there in feb I know suresh will again start writing a paragraph about the co-incidence.

For that matter, Mamallan used to randomly choose a writer a day, to vehemently attack, in his blog. Everybody knows it out there. To see Suresh refer to Maamallan as the ultimate critic, is quite laughable. Mamallan served only as a proof reader, finding out the spelling mistakes, reference errors, punctuation marks etc, and crying out loud about them.

Finally, whatever I have said about the rightist writers and their sincere disciples, has not been replied so far, as I think, Mr Raja would visit the comment section to reply back. I will come back tomorrow here. Da Scorp baski-reviews. I write under the pseudonym Karikalan, and the credit for the post about Theeraakathali goes to a friend of mine clayhorse — who is an avid reader.

They were his views. I personally do not know anyone who comments on the blog including Mr.

On Charu Nivedita’s ‘Zero Degree’ (Trans. by Pritham K. Chakravarthy & Rakesh Khanna)

I hope these clarifications would move the discussion away from the personalities and toward the review. I have marked the books referred by Mr. Sasi Sekar, and I would read them. One more thing. To Mr. I know you will reply again with a huge paragraph, and it will go on. You have expressed what ever you wanted, and I have expressed my opinion.

For how long can this debate prolong? Even Pallavi has written a few articles after this one. Instead, I can do something productive Translating Rasaleela or write in my own blog. Hence, me signing off from the comment section: In case if you still want to argue, send me messages to my facebook id, for which I shall reply whenever I find time.

Rajesh, I understand you are a busybody.

Take delight: I am not writing this response for you; you can focus on your more important works. Whatever you have said has already been said by Charu. I read Charuonline. In my last comment, I said that the classification in contemporary Tamil literature proposed by Charu is not valid. Charu has many uses for the classification such as establishing himself as one of the deities in the pantheon of Tamil literary Gods; lampooning those with whom he differs, etc.

He says that those who approach human life as a quest to virtues, especially moral righteousness, seek vehemently an order that leads to aggression of one man against another in the form of authority, laws, rules and regulations. He describes his writing as a struggle against this oppression.

As a biologist, I think his understanding is not consistent with the laws of nature. As an ordinary human being, I believe that his reasoning is nonsense. But, I feel that the point of view that he provides is worth further thought not just to understand his writings, but about myself and the entire world. My admiration for him is for the boldness with which he has put forth his views, the tenacity with which he has defended the views, the clarity with which he expresses his views and the creativity of his expression.

Those who stop reading Charu because of who he is as a person or because of vulgarity in his works, lose a valuable perspective in life. Thanks for introducing to Charu Nivedita.

Glad to see that there is some influence of the siteian flow of Latin American literature on Indian writing.

Thanks for your comment, Bhupinder. It has taken over three hours to read all the comments published here. Messrs A. Suresh and Raja sound like my alias. Suresh has summarized things beautifully: As for Zero Degree, it sure is a landmark in modern Tamil literature- but only for its form and not content.

This has been a feature of all his fiction. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email.

Mar 2. Share this: Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email. Like this: Like Loading I sincerely hope more of his works gets translated in English.

He is worth his due. Thanks for the comments, ecveryone. I refer Asokamithran writing after Charu. Links to download online: You will not see such indecent fans for any other tamil writer:Of course, you can and should disagree if you are not convinced, which is fine. Chakravarthy, a prolific translator who translated P. Anuual report " PDF.

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Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email. Many readers stumble on this particular aspect and completely lose him. He just reveals. To ask other readers questions about Zero Degree , please sign up. Are you a paid coolie for the Marxists?